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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 Last week former Vallians, Lee and Dale Ashmore of Southaven, were in Water Valley.
  Grandson, Daniel Ashmore, sings bass for The Old Paths Quartet. They brought a copy of the magazine, SingingNews, which is the printed voice of southern gospel music, with an article about this quartet. In the article it tell that things are happening right now for this group.         Their new CD is titled “Right Now”. Indeed it is and it’s great. They also presented me a couple of vocal CDs, along with one that is just instrumental. Daniel also plays saxophone, my favorite instrument, and both the vocal and instrumental music are wonderful. I’ve played the groves off all three.
  Daniel is only 22 and I first met him when he and brother, Raymond, presented the special music at one of the First Methodist Church’s Lenten Luncheons a few years ago. Both were students at Ole Miss at the time, I think. Daniel now sings tenor with The Masters Quartet.
  The Old Paths Quartet is scheduled to appear at O’Tuckolofa Baptist Church later this year. I’m sure Bro. Daniel Dickerson will give us an announcement of this.
  Thank you, Lee and Dale, for sharing the music of your grandson. I really am enjoying it.
  David and I purchased tickets for the Enid Lake Clean Up Day Raffle from Agnes Montgomery. There were some prestigious prizes being given away. However, Agens said she was making up baskets of her chow-chow, pear honey, pear preserve, ect., and some with fried peach and apple pies. David and I immediately said we don’t want the big prizes we want the good stuff. So on Thursday Agnes sent Robert in with a platter of peach and apples fried pies. We got our prize early and it was delicious. Thanks, Agnes, and thank you, Robert, for being the delivery man.
  Haven’t heard who won the raffle prizes, but I’m sure we did not because we’ve not been notified. Doesn’t matter, though, we won anyway. Also have not heard how the clean-up went. I’m sure they cleaned up a lot, because they had a beautiful day to work. Most of these clean up days are cold and wet and even with this the participants clean up tons of litter.
  Got a letter from Roland Buppert and it was so good to hear from him.
  It reads: “Thanks so much for the paper. I read what is going on in the Valley and I so wish I was still there. Just hindsight, as those days are not to be. (I, also, wish you could still be with us—do miss you so much)
  “Could not schedule cataract surgery as the VA found I had a congenital heart defect, which does not allow me to have it. Will have limited vision from now on. Take pills during the day to stay normal at 86.
  “Son Bill is in Afghanistan working for NATO in I.T. for one year.
  “Still have two grands at home and three spread out in California and Idaho.
  “Hope you are still well and I know that the paper is in good hands. Give my regards to David, Mel and Jack.
  “Bill put the property up for sale before he left and if it is sold before he returns we’ll rent something in Tucson. They are like nomads, not staying in one place long.
  “Weather here is usually very pleasant, unlike what I found out you have had in the Valley,”
    Best, Roland”
  Thanks for writing Roland, it’s so good to catch up on you and your family. We really do miss you and your column. It was so good of you to write for us so many years.
  Jimmie hosted Bridge Thursday  night, so I went over early and played—she needed another person to  hold cards. Brother Bo was so good to sit with Mom while I had fun.
  Going up Bill’s and Jimmie’s driveway the landscape was certainly different. This was my first time to see the place without the big oak tree in the front—it’s demise left a big hole. We’re going to have to put in lots of flowers and shrubs to fill up this space.
  Well I held cards very well Thursday night, came out the high scorer, with 3910 points—think that equals all the points I’ve amasses since I started playing many years ago. When Jimmie and I play at her house, of course, we don’t win prizes. Told them I didn’t want one of those little  prizes—I wanted a trophy.
  Sarah Russo (Coach Richard Russo’s wife) and I did not get to play as partners, but we were at the same table for one game. Got to catch up on what the children are doing. Did get to partner with Karen Martindale Lewis for one game and we actually won two hands by pretty impressive scores. She is a daughter of the late Howard and Opal Martindale, who were Valley natives and still have friends and family here.
  Going and coming  I kept seeing forsythia in almost full bloom. I though mine must have a problem because it had not bloomed. Looked in the back yard Sunday and several bushes were in full bloom. The plants in the front and side yards must have died. and I rarely go into the back yard anymore.
  Daffodils just keep blooming and they get prettier every week. Hawthorne is also still in full bloom. Ed’s may be blooming—I haven’t checked.
  Weather is certainly erratic. Temperature today was in the low 60s, with sunshine  until about two. It’s clouding up now and rain is supposed to move in, with the temp predicted to drop. Next Sunday’s high is to be 42 and the weatherman said that was a conservative figure. Spring is just around the corner and it’s time for it to warm up.
  Barbara Warren, our Woodland Hills weather woman, says that Daylight Savings Time begins in mid March this year. I didn’t want to hear this—I don’t like Daylight Savings Time. She also reminded us that Easter will be March 31. Well if we want to wear pretty spring  dresses for this occasion, it had better heat up fast.
  Bo now cooks Thursday night supper for me and he even let’s me choose the menu. I do have a good brother.
  We were privileged to have Amanda and Amber Izzard in Sunday Morning Worship Service. They gave us reports on their upcoming summer mission trips. Amanda will be going to the Philippine  Islands and Amber will be going to Thailand. It was so good to see the girls. We all think they are our children or grands. Guess they’re just the church children.
  Our speaker Sunday was Rev. Lynn Jones of Oxford. This Sunday we will have Vallian, Rev. Franklin Dunn, filling the pulpit again. Both of these men are excellent preachers and we’re always glad to have them with us.

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