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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Papers arrived early Wednesday. There was no rain, fog or frozen precip, and no deer, so Rick just zoomed right over. He did have one problem, van didn’t want to start so he couldn’t kill his engine.
  Knew how he felt. Just the day before on Tuesday morning my van wouldn’t start. Now I have a perfectly good Jump-Start, which the boys gave me and have showed me how to use several times. I’m a slow learner. I had to call David and he came out, cranked the van and then took it to Craig Hart at Mid-Town for a new battery. Haven’t had any more trouble.  It’s great to have such good friends, who help and I do appreciate them.
  Jimmie had to have a new battery a couple of weeks ago, Bo said his pickup got one a few weeks back and that Carolyn’s SUV is going to have to have one soon. This cold weather is taking its toll on batteries.  However all of these were original  equipment and all the vehicles are from six to eight years old—guess it was time.
  At noon Thursday we were busy getting out statements, so I went over to PizzaGetti to pick up a pizza for Mel and me. We had a veggie pizza and it was great. I’m now looking forward to having time to get over and eat some of Billy’s spaghetti. I do like spaghetti.
  More good eating came my way Thursday, when Bo cooked deer steak for Carolyn’s birthday supper. Misty and Briley, Jimmie and Bill and Rance joined us for this favorite family meal. Made tomato gravy, with hot biscuits, mashed potatoes, lima beans, peas, and a couple of pecan pies. One was made with Splenda and it was good.
  Going over I saw a large deer cross the Pope/WV Road about 50 yards in front of me. Slowed way down because there are usually two. After creeping past the crossing point, I decided the deer I’d seen was the last one and so I went on, but kept an eye in the rear view mirror. Just as I speeded up two more crossed the road. All of them were large animals, you often see one big one and one or two smaller. It was dust dark and deer are hard to see in those conditions, so even though I was hungry I drove much slower on to Mom’s.
  Watched TV and snow flurries all weekend. It was too cold to go outside.
  I never cease to be amazed at all the bad stuff that goes on in our country and around the world. Folks just kill each other for no reason, steal, get involved with drugs and various other vices.
  You also get to hear what the government is messing up. I just don’t understand why our leaders don’t understand that spending has to slow down—we have to get this national debt under control. I know that there has to be some places to cut, that won’t wreck the economy.
  Watched the weather and felt for all those folks getting so much snow. I didn’t even like seeing the little bit we were getting. Starting last Tuesday, with that south wind, I froze for the rest of the week. Even wearing wool and polar fleece, I was cold. And in the office, each time the door opened, we got an arctic blast. Heat was on all day but it just didn’t warm up much.
  Sunday morning I cranked the van about 30 minutes before I left for home and finally melted all the frost. When I left Mom’s it was 24 degrees and arriving at home it was only up to 29 even with the bright sunshine. Had trouble seeing because I was driving right into the sun. Again I found deer crossing the highway, once more there were three large ones. Weren’t the same deer but were about the same size. These were just out of Pope, so I was apprehensive on the entire trip and again drove slower—needed to with the sun in my eyes and deer on the road.
  It’s amazing that the daffodils, forsythia, and hawthorne don’t seem to be affected by this cold weather. Daffodils usually freeze and drop, but even with all the below freezing temps they’s still standing tall this year.
  After lunch Sunday Bo and I were the only two left with Mom. He was watching Nascar, but when I came in he switched to the golf game (knows that’s my favorite). I told him to leave it on his race. We shared, with him switching from one to the other. When they’d have a wreck he’d go to golf, and during commercials there he’d go back to the race. We got to enjoy both and I got really interested in the race and he likewise in golf. We had a great sporting afternoon. I had to leave for church before either finished, but maybe he can remember who won.
  We enjoyed two fine sermons delivered by Water Valley native, Rev. Franklin Dunn. It’s always enjoyable to have Franklin and his wife, Shirley, with us. Was also good to have Binnie Turnage with us Sunday night. The Dunns will be back on the 17th.
  Filling the pulpit this Sunday will be another native, Dean Wright. We’re looking forward to  hearing him.
  Mel got lunch for us on Monday from B.T.C. and it was delicious. She got way too much, so I only ate half of mine and saved the other for supper.
  Our lunch was a great tomato soup (Down Home Tomato), with excellent cornbread, along with a very original sandwich. It contained Tex-Mex Pimento Cheese, Pitt Smoked Ham, Arugla and Tomato on Olive Bread. There was no way to get your mouth around this thing, so I ate the Pimento Cheese on one half of the bread and the ham, arugla and tomato on the other half, so I actually consumed two sandwiches. If I keep eating like this I’m going to get fat and have to buy new clothes.
  Don’t forget to spring forward before you go to bed Saturday night (set your clocks ahead one hour). Yes, we do return to Daylight Savings Time at two a.m. Sunday, March 10. It’s to early for this, but it’s happening anyway. I always start waking up much earlier before the time change—not this year. I still want more sleep, not less.

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