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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

I know Kermit once said “It is not easy being green,” but it sure can be fun. I am sure the Water Valley Arts Council had fun in mind when they came up with the theme for their newest fundraiser, Green Gala of Yalobusha. It is a costume dance party to raise money for the Arts Council and their Summer Arts Camp for Kids.
If you have never been to a Water Valley Arts Council fundraiser, you are missing out. The events are always fun and imaginative, and everyone has a great time. The passion of the council is evident, and their enthusiasm for arts in the Valley is contagious.
Tickets are $10 at the door, and there will be prizes for costumes, refreshments, a limerick contest and lots of music. You can choose to come in costume or not, but a word of warning: this crowd likes to create and dress up in awesome costumes. You may feel out of place if you do not at least wear green attire.
You can interpret the theme literally to mean something colored green, or you can take the environmental approach and wear something recyclable or related to the theme of green living. Regardless of what you wear, you should definitely make sure you can dance in it, as this is a group that also likes to get their groove on.
    Start planning your attire, and make plans to dance the night away for a good cause. Please send any of your art-related news to

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