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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Have missed Betty Melton bringing in the Mt. Liberty News for the past few weeks. Do hope she is soon better and able to at least drop by for a visit from time to time. We do appreciate Lavelle Potts and Sue continuing to write the news for us, but miss Betty’s cute remarks. She’s one of only a few folks that can get herself into situations as bad as ones I often find myself in.
  Also appreciate Patcie Deck writing the Tillatoba news.
  We get lots of good comments on these community news writers each week.
  Ralph Schmidt was in the office Monday—Mel was helping him with a project. She was out to lunch when he got there so he and I visited for a few minutes. He was telling me where he lived and remarked that the house he lives in once belonged to Barbara and Dexter Brown. I then shared with him that we were neighbors. He lives across the highway and slightly to the west of my driveway. The house directly across from me is occupied by one of the Dickey children and his family (child of Ann and the late Donald). The Shearers have never been very good neighbors, having always worked most of the time and just never had time to visit with the folks who have lived around us. Told Ralph I was glad to know who lived near me and welcomed him and his wife to the neighborhood. Also told him if they every needed me in the middle of the night they could probably get me and I’d be happy to come to help with anything I could.
  It’s beginning to look a lot like spring, even though the temperature is still chilly today (Monday). Traveling over the weekend found the weeping willows leafing out, the tulip trees in bloom and pears look like snowballs. If all those blooms make pears the trees are going to break. Also the forsythia has bloomed out even more and my May daffodils are in full bloom.
  Betty Hill remarked at church Sunday that we’re not going to have any flowers blooming when it is actually time for them to this year and I’m sure she’s correct. Iris will probably bloom in the next week or so, as will azaleas and peonies.
  Haven’t seen wisteria coming to life yet and even the dogwoods are showing no signs of blooming around the house. Have seen lots of redbuds, though. Dogwoods had better get going, because it’s only three weeks until Easter.
  The telephone was the hot topic at Mom’s over the weekend. It rang so much that I thought I’d better start answering with “Herald Office.” Was glad to hear from family and friends, but the nuisance calls were worse than usual. The worst was one shortly after nine Friday night. Mom goes to bed about seven, so after this I try to catch the phone as soon as possible to avoid waking her.  Took a couple of rings on this one and when the response I got was “This is an information message for senior citizens.”
    I wanted to bop the fellow at the other end of the line. Now  if you’re going to call senior citizens you call them early in the morning when they are awake and alert, not in the middle of their night. O.K., I know that I’m a senior, but I’m not what I think of as typical one—you’ve got to be 90-plus for me to think senior and when/or if I get there my definition of senior will be 100-plus.
  Sunday we enjoyed hearing Valley native, Coach Dean Wright, speak at both services at Woodland Hills. Dean is the District Coun-selor for Fellowship of Christian Athletes for the Northwest District and also chaplain for the Delta State football team.
  Sunday night his message was on the value of prayer and he gave us some instruction on  how to pray and what to pray for. He admonished us to be much in prayer for our president, other leaders, the country, the military, our spiritual leaders and each other. Dean said we needed to spend time devoted to gossip in prayer instead. He then gave statistics confirming that men spent more time in gossip activities than women.
    Being cute, he continued that men might not catch all the gossip done by women because they usually just didn’t listen to all our chattering. He then looked at me and said, “Betty, I don’t want to see that remark in your column.” Well, I told him I was going to print it and I hope his wife, Barbara, sees it—he needs to get into trouble.
  Dean and I have been friends a long time and I’ve always enjoyed his wit. Have told many folks that he was in the Valley Sunday and everyone wanted to see and hear him. I did announce that he was coming, but apparently not many folks read my column or the church page last week. We were glad to have Margaret and Jerry Daum as visitors. The Daum and Wright families were neighbors when the children were growing up. I also talked to Peggy Inez Daum Pohorence, who lives in Florida just last week. It’s always great to visit with her.
  Other visitors in the Sunday morning service were Amanda and Amber Izzard. We always enjoy having these girls with us—we think they’re our siblings, children or grands (depending on our age) They are sweet young ladies and we’re glad they consider Woodland Hills home.
  Sounds like the Green Gala, coming up this Saturday night is going to be lots of fun. Unfortunately I’ll have to miss it—will be sitting with Mom.
  Les Gilley just came in to put an ad in for the Blue Devil Booster Club. They’ll be selling tickets for barbecue ribs. You can call Les for tickets or come by J’s on Main. Sounds like some good eating.
  Bo had some of his famous chicken enchiladas for Thursday night supper. I had not eaten all day and so naturally I ate way too much.
  Only thing I cooked out of the ordinary over the weekend was a strawberry chiffon pie. Made it with sugarless strawberry Jello and it was very good. Even the non-diabetics liked it. Reason for this dessert was that I’d amassed several quarts of berries that either had to be frozen or eaten—pie seemed a good way to eat them.
      I’m having lots of trouble adjusting to Daylight Savings time this year. Sunday morning I just did not want to get out of bed. Finally did and actually made it to Sunday School on time and didn’t sleep through worship—I don’t think.
  This morning I still didn’t want to get up at six (actually five by body time). Wonder how I’ll handle Wednesday when I have to roll out at 4:30, which will my body will think  is 3:30. Breakfast crew at Dunn’s, please don’t throw rotten fruit if I’m a little late.
  Rev. Franklin Dunn will deliver the 10:30 Sunday morning message at Woodland Hills and this will be the only service of the day. We will conduct the afternoon service at Yalobusha County Nursing Home. Everyone is invited to attend.

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