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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    There has been much discussion of an upcoming event in Yalobusha County over the past week.
  Sounds like the Bulls and Barrels event, sponsored by Water Valley Rotary, to be held Saturday, April 6, beginning at 7 p.m. is going be really great. Report is that there will be some top-50 bulls coming to our county and some top bull riders from across the country.
    Now folks that’s a lot of talent. If you like rodeo, get out to see them. Tickets will be $10 and $5 with tots admitted free.
  For many years we attended the Mid-South Fair Rodeo each Septem-ber and don’t know that I’ve seen one since. I can tell you that the sport was exciting to watch, even though I had to close my eyes during most of the bull rides—I was scared  someone was going to get hurt. And they did a few time, but the super clowns always got them out of danger before it got really bad.
  Last bull riding event I attended was in Carthage. It was the Mississippi High School Rodeo and youngest brother, Don, had advanced to the finals. He won state, but was unable to continue to Nationals. Coming out of the gate his bull slammed him against the gate and broke his leg. He rode his eight seconds and the clown got him off—I know he was wondering why Don didn’t just jump off, but he found out when he set him on the ground and he crumples. Don’s moment of fame was a standing ovation.
  I loved the barrel races. However, sometimes these participants also get an injury. It’s amazing that not more are hurt. They lay those cowponies almost on the ground turning the barrels and then up they’d come and fly out the gate.
  It’s all exciting, so go out and watch them and support a fine cause.
  I’m sure March came in like a lamb, because it’s definitely trying to go out as a lion. Over the weekend the wind blew furiously day and night. Didn’t subside on Monday—was not  quite as strong, but what it lacked in that category it made up  in temperature. I do think that Monday’s wind was the coldest we’ve had this year.
  We’re still ahead of the game, weatherwise though, seeing all the snow, freezing rain, and huge hail being dumped on parts of the country—some even in Mississippi. Talked to Brother Terry in Brandon over the weekend and he reported that Niece Nita’s new car was badly damaged by large hail. He said that many highway patrol and police department vehicles in the area were damaged. I was watching the news at Moms, which is out of Memphis, and it showed a small town with about 35 of its cars in bad condition.
  On Friday night the prediction was for inch and a half stones possible for south of Memphis. I always just leave my van in the driveway, but thought I’d better get the key and move it to the carport. That thing is so stuffed that I could just barely get it in and then get out. Next morning when I was backing out I almost got the passenger side rearview mirror.  My carport is 24 feet, so I’m used to plenty of maneuvering room.
  Lost two great friends last week.
  Mrs. Paul (Charlotte) Parker died at 98. In my early years I visited with her often in Parker’s Ben Franklin. Then in later years Ed and I walked and the Parker home was on our route. If Mr. and Mrs. P were in the yard, we’d stop by for a visit. Their flower garden was always beautiful from early spring through late fall. I loved the little bridge there and spent lots of time admiring the view from it.         I remember that one time the home was chosen for the cover of one of the top home and garden magazines—can’t remember which one, but I still have my copy somewhere. Across the front of the home was a row of yellow mums and they were so pretty. Didn’t realize that the Parkers had lived their entire married life in this same house,  until I set Mrs. Parker’s obit last week. They were a very loving couple, a prime example of what a family should be.
  Circumstances didn’t allow me to get to visitation and the funeral, but my sympathy is extended to the grandsons, brother, Wilbur Todd, and the entire family. She was loved and admired by the Shearer family.
  Another dear friend, Charlie Harris, died Tuesday. Charlie and I were both Class of ‘55 grads—he from Water Valley and me from Crowder. I can’t remember when we didn’t know each other and of course we were close to his parents, the late Janie and Gerald. Mr. Gerald was Chancery Clerk for many  years and Janie was in the flower shop, so our paths often crossed. Newspapers and Chancery Clerks work closely together and we just enjoyed stoping by Janie’s and Minnie’s flower shop—they were so much fun.
  As  the years went by I kept telling Charlie that looking at him was like turning back the clock—in the last few years he did look a lot like his dad and also had that keen sense of humor.
  For many years Betty and Charlie were our Main Street neighbors—when they were in the Blu-Buck Buildings.
  I felt for Charlie when he lost Betty because I knew they were as close as Ed and I had been. We talked many times about our losses and our hope of going home to be with them. Told everyone that I could not grieve for Charlie because I knew he was where he wanted to be. I do offer sympathy to his children, grands, family and friends, though, because we’re all going to miss him.
  I’m having a little problem believing that Sunday will be Easter. Not only is it very early, but the weather still feels like winter. However the flowers and trees look like spring. I still am puzzled by the fact that they’ve stayed very pretty in spite of the cold, blustery weather.         We’ve had several nights below freezing and the rain and wind has beat them unmercifully. They still hang on. Even the pear blooms still look great and I’ve been told that apple and peach trees are beginning to bloom.
  Many Easter services have been announced, attend your church programs or if you don’t have a home church, choose one and get out and worship on this special occasion. I’m sure every church would welcome you with open arms on Easter Sunday, or any Sunday.
  Woodland Hills will have only one service on this day. It begins with breakfast  at 9 a.m. and then the worship service begins at 10:30 a.m. and will include an Easter message and special Easter music. Everyone is invited to join us for breakfast and for worship.
  Talked to Jim last night. He says the weather there is also cold and windy, so visiting him won’t help me weatherwise.
    He says Celeste in in Miami, Fla. visiting her aunt and I saw that the predicted high there for today is 69—not very good spring break weather.
    Guess we’re all just going to have to wait for warm weather.

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