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Street Talk

Water Liars To Hear, Lighted Signs To See

By Mickey Howley

Last Thursday I was stuck in a car with Bob Tyler, Yalobusha County’s economic development director for five hours. It was of my own doing, I asked Bob to come to the Mississippi Development Authority and Mississippi Main Street legislative breakfast in Jackson.
Bob is an awful traveling companion; I mean his phone is constantly ringing. But get Bob in a room full of representatives and senators and he really shines, all the blue suit types know him. We were there not for any specific wish or ask, but to thank the legislators for their on-going support of small towns. I was not really worried about WV in particular, Tommy Reynolds (and Liz) have been WVMSA members for years and our soon to be Senator, Russell Jolly also knows what is going on here.
They get it. But one is never sure if the collective group of lawmakers understands the far-reaching effects of economic development and Bob is really great in getting our message across. So if you see Bob around town, thank him for being the front man for us in Jackson.
Fiddler’s Loft got off to a great start last Friday. Rave reviews of the two billed groups and third surprise act was singer-songwriter Mari Foster.  This Friday one of the bands will be Lost Tyme; they are coming over from the Tula Opry. Jesse Pinion is one of the guitar players and he is something to hear. Starts at 7 pm Friday at Fiddlin’ Rooster Farm.
Last Sunday’s New York Times had a great review of the latest album “Wyoming” by the Water Valley band the Water Liars. The members are Justin Kinkel-Schuster and Andrew Bryant and the band name comes from a Barry Hannah short story about old fishermen. That local creative performing artists get this national attention is terrific and congratulations on the new album and great reviews.
If you are driving down South Main Street at night, notice the illuminated sign at the Crawdad Hole. Bill Warren re-did the old Jenkins sign, using the existing frame and structure and adding new translucent Plexi-glass. It is Bill’s first internally illuminated sign in WV (not his first ever, just here) and a great example of re-using and adapting and being creative all at the same time. And Bill has number two illuminated sign in the same week, Pizza Getti has a new illuminated sign in the old framework on their upper facade, check it out next time you stop in for a hot pizza pie.

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