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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    For all you rodeo enthusiasts, don’t forget the Bulls and Barrels event coming up this Saturday in Yalobusha County. Presented by the Water Valley Rotary Club, it brings top names in national bull stock (meaning bulls) and world-rated bull riders, along with some impressive barrel racers. This show promises to be worth attending.
  Another feature of this show, which I’m not interested in, will be the bull poker event. Here poker players sit at a table in the ring, while a bull, being provoked by the excellent clowns, gets madder and madder. The last player sitting at the table gets the pot. If there was a million dollars on the table, Betty would not be in that ring. I’m not even sure I want to be in the Multi-Purpose Building with these critters being provoked. Daryl Burney has not yet convinced me that I would enjoy it.
  I do occasionally watch bull riding on TV and several of these bulls I’ve see—the worst being Widow Maker. I’ve also seen former Professional Bull Riding world finalist Willis Trosclair of Louisiana on TV a couple of times.
  I do like to watch the barrel races. Speed is my cup of tea, not brawn.
  Attendance is expected to be about 1,000, so come out and be part of this great crowd.
  Just took a minute to run out and get a birthday card for Jim. Can’t believe he will be celebrating his 49th on Friday. Lots more of you kids will also be celebrating in the next few weeks, ‘cause there were several members of the Class of ‘82 born withing two or three weeks in late March and early April. I’m having trouble believe that you are so near the half century mark—seems like yesterday you arrived in this world.
  Jim was reporting just last week that he had to burn about 1,500 calories a day working out at the gym to keep from gaining weight. That time of life does catch up with you—know it’s so because I’ve been there and done that.
  He was home alone last week. He and Celeste had spring break and she went to visit with her aunt in Miami, Fla. Jim said that the temperatures were unusually cold for this time of year in south Florida, so don’t think they got to enjoy the area as much as they would have liked.
    He also reported that in Las Cruces he had cold morning and some strong winds—much like we did. However it did warm up later in the days there. Said he mostly worked at home and the office and took care of the dogs. On one day though he went exploring in an area he’d not been. Sounded like great fun—wish I could have been there to travel with him.
  Jim is planning to come again for the Memphis in May Barbecue cook off. We’re all looking forward to this. Do wish Celeste could come, but she’ll still be in school.
  Weekend traveling was terrible. Seemed like each time I had to go to and from Courtland it was pouring rain and the wind was blowing.
  Then on Sunday morning I had to go to the church early—we had breakfast at nine o’clock and I was in charge of baking biscuits, making coffee, heating up sausage and sausage gravy. Also had to get ready for the Lord’s Supper.
  Would not have made it had I not had some excellent help. Travis York arrived and helped break the bread. Then Ed Hill came in and filled the communion cups. Betty Hill and Evelyn Thomas helped get everything  on the buffet.
  I had loaded the van in Noah’s flood and then unloaded at the church in a heavy drizzle. Told everyone I’d had about three showers that morning, so I should be clean. My hair always looks terrible, but Sunday morning I’m sure it was really awful. It had been wet, then under my rain hood, then out to dry and still not been touched by a brush. Didn’t even have time to think about hair until I got home and was changing to go to Moms. Glanced in the mirror and wished I hadn’t—I was a mess.
  Oh well, we all got fed, I sang in the choir, and didn’t go to sleep during Bro. Jones’ message, so guess I did good.
  Food was all delicious, fellowship great, special music was beautiful, and Bro. Jones’ sermon was excellent. Lord’s Supper also went off without a problem.
  After church, went back to Moms in another Noah’s flood. Stayed all afternoon and watched golf until it was rained out. Decided to come home a little early, hoping to see the conclusion of the tournament. Accomplished this and was so glad to see D. A. Points win a squeaker. He seems like such a nice man. Was also great to see my favorite golfer so greatly admired. Phil Mickleson was signing autographs long after he finished his round and seemed so happy to be doing it. He is always so kind to his well-wishers.
  We didn’t starve over the weekend. Bo had a good meal for us on Thursday night. Then on Friday and Saturday I cooked. Baked the usual Easter ham, with veggies, mac and cheese and made a couple of pies. Rance made coleslaw, and cornbread Sunday morning.
  Mom is fine physically and we thank everyone for your concern. She is a bit weak and is having a little trouble returning to her home routine after the four days in the hospital.
  This is Monday, April 1—April Fools Day. I have not had a single “April Fool” yelled at me and certainly no pranks. It’s getting to be a dull world. Growing up, by the time we got out of bed the pranks started and they continued all day and most of the night. Guess we didn’t have as much to entertain us back in the old days.
  The only really bad thing we’ve had today was the heavy fog early this morning. I was apprehensive crossing the bypass on 315 at about 8:15. The fog was so heavy that I looked carefully to the north, then pulled to the median, looked south and carefully continued across. Wasn’t long though until the sun was shining brightly and we’ve had a beautiful day since. It was a shame we all had to work today, but the school children did get the day off and they deserved a pretty holiday. Maybe we’ll get some good days this weekend.

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