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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Last Wednesday, I was early making paper deliveries, so I missed Billy Rotenberry. Usually our paths cross at Larsons. Bill always had a great story or either was kidding me about something I’d done or not done. He was a wonderful friend and I’ll miss him. Still missed a visit with him Thursday noon.
    Often I run across to get a salad for lunch and Billy would come out for a short visit. Last Thursday I didn’t go for my salad, opting to just skip lunch, because Brother Bo was cooking rabbit, gravy and biscuits for supper and I was saving all my calories for the day.
  I was so shocked when Mel called me at Moms to tell me of Billy’s death. He seemed like one of the healthiest folks I know. As with so many people I’ve had to give up, you just never know—better be ready to meet the Lord and I know Billy was, which is a comfort.
    This doesn’t fill the void that his absence here on earth makes. I’ll miss his many funny stories, his smile with that twinkle in his eyes, and that wonderful friendship. Sympathy is extended to wife, Peggy, his daughters, and the entire Rotenberry family.
     Each time I answered Mom’s phone over the weekend more tragic news came.
    Was so sorry to hear of the death of Mott and Billy Bryce Williamson’s grandson, Justin. When he was a little boy I saw him often, but in later years I heard about his life, but rarely saw him.  Sympathy is extended to this family. We’re never ready to give up a loved one or friend at any age, but it’s even more tragic when they are so young.
    Going to Mom’s late Thursday I was surprised to see the wisteria on the Pope/Water Valley in full bloom. It was so pretty, just like hanging flower gardens. Some of those trees are probably forty feet high and covered from top to bottom with beautiful purple blooms. Also, some of the wisteria beds spread for many feet along the roadside. I’ve always thought that wisteria arbors would make a perfect decoration for a wedding. What would be really beautiful is the white variety and there used to be trees loaded with this along Highway 6 between Oxford and Pontotoc. Haven’t been that way in many years when wisteria is blooming, so don’t know if it’s still there—may have to take a trip.
    Also, in full bloom at the present is thrift, another pretty purple plant.
    Walked over to Joe Black’s office Monday and noticed the Loropetalum around the clock in full bloom. This is a beautiful plant, also, and it stays pretty all year—foliage is beautiful even when it’s not in bloom.
    Have several wildlife stories for the week. On Thursday I saw the usual rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, armadillos, opossums, ect. –out of the ordinary was a wild turkey that flew up from the side of the road and almost hit my windshield. It was a small hen but it still looked huge as it came across my path only feet away. Thankfully, she gained enough altitude to miss me.
  Jimmie brought granddaughter, Caroline, up for a short visit on Friday. She is growing like a weed and is still such a pretty little baby—looks like a china doll. She’s also a good baby, sleeps most of the time. However, she did finally open her eyes for me for a few minutes and I got to see a smile as I talked to her. She has lots of her father, Michael, with a bit of mother, Missy’s, features, so she has to be a beautiful baby. Michael is a handsome young man and Missy is beautiful and I’m sure she’ll  grow up to be just as wonderful as they are.
    Do think Jimmie is enjoying being a babysitting grandmother. She has  Caroline three days a week.
    I was surprised to find the weather had cooled so much on Sunday morning. I was late getting home, so just had to wear what I’d laid out Thursday night.—was summer clothing and I needed something heavier. You sure can’t plan several days ahead these days.
    Monday I had to shed the top shirts and still was hot. That west sun in our front windows really warms things up.
    Left work at five, ran home and dressed to go to the Yalobusha Baptist Association Spring Meeting. Betty and Ed Hill and I am the delegates from Wood-land Hills. The Hills always take me along with them and I’m so grateful. Sure was thankful for the ride last night, because the bridge is out to Hopewell Church and we had to go a way that I didn’t know. I’d probably have been lost for the rest of my life.
  These meetings are always so enjoyable, and last nights was one of the best.
    The musicians got lost. They wound up at the other Hopewell Church in the county. Arriving early they found the church unlocked, went in and rehearsed. Said they realized it was getting late and no one was arriving, so they went to the fellowship hall, where ladies are setting up the food tables before others arrive—found no one there, but did find a picture of the pastor and knew they were in the wrong church.
    Bro. Kevin Lee, Sr. and Bro. Rick Glidewell do not look a lot alike.  They called Bro. Truman Scraborough, got directions, and came on. The program began without them and when they arrived we had, as Bro. James Edwards, called in a Sing-Spiration. Music was wonderful with Bro. Steve McGregory on the piano and Bro. Jimmy Hood leading and presenting the special music.
    Bro. Bernett Fielder, pastor of Elam, brought the message. It was so timely, but also so entertaining. He could be a stand up comedian. I’m sore this morning from laughing. He poked fun at many of our Baptist ways of doing things—and he’s right. Often we major on the minors, leaving the most important things undone.
    Bro. James Edwards is moderator of the Association and runs a great program—he’s also very witty.
    Bro. Truman Scarborough, Associational Minister, and Linda Gholson, Association Clerk, always plan a great program and execute it in a very timely manner.
    We all enjoyed the wonderful refreshments and fellowship that followed the meeting. There was a packed house, so Bro. and Mrs. Scarborough, Mary Sue Stevens and I enjoyed an outside picnic, using the garbage can as our table. It was so much fun and we got in some great visiting.
    Later I got to visit with Mary and Sam McCain. Sam and I are almost related—we share a cousin. Sam and his crew for many years were in the Memphis in May barbecue cook-off. Told him that Jim was again with one of the patio teams and really looking  forward to it. Of course Sam cooked in the major event—whole hog and all the trimmings.
  Also saw Mae and Carl Vick, Charlotte and Andy Grass, and many more that we only see at these events twice a year.
    Tuned in the news for a few minutes this morning and saw the Boston terrorist horror. National Day of Prayer is coming up and we do need to support this.

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