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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Received a gift from My Secret Pal last week and it is gorgeous. Most beautiful lemon yellow tree hibiscus ever. It came from J’s on Main and they really have many beautiful plants. I’d teased Jonathan earlier about coming to sit in his most attractive blue Adirondack chairs and just enjoying his flowers, especially the  yellow hibiscus. If you live next door to J’s on Main you don’t need a flower garden—just gaze at theirs.         However the Herald is their only next door neighbor and we’re not planning to move, so everyone else will have to buy their flowers and take them home. I know that even I will have to take some flowers to Panola County, if Jimmie ever sees mine. Mother’s Day is coming up, so Mom’s drop your hints for beautiful plants or bouquets—J’s has both.
  It was strange not to see Billy Rotenberry at Larson’s Wednesday morning. However I did get out to Sylva Rena in time to catch Snooky Williams—just did make it though. Even though I was early, he and Harold were leaving. I ask why they were in such a hurry and Snooky says that when brother is ready to go, you go. Know how that is—I have a sister. Think they enjoy each other as much as Jimmie and I do and also kid each other just as much.
  Frost got all the wisteria and it was so pretty. However, there are still plenty of beautiful flowers around.
  Saw another young hen turkey going over Thursday. David had told me I should have hit the one the week before—said it would have been good eating. I’m sure it would, but think it would have been some pretty expensive meat.
  Don was at Moms for supper Thursday night and he agreed with David. Said they were having trouble shooting the birds, maybe windshields would better ammunition.
  Bo had us another wild game supper Thursday night—quail and deer. Brother Rance said the quail were the last of the late Jimmy Russells, so they were not exactly wildlife. They were delicious, though. Deer was from last season’s kill and it was also very good. With tomato gravy, hot biscuits, veggies and pineapple upside cake for dessert we had a fine meal.
  The whole family is happy that Bo has decided that I need a good meal Thursday—they all get invited to eat with us.
  All day Friday Mom and I watched the search for the second terrorist from the Boston Marathon. I felt for all the citizens of Watertown. Can’t imagine having to stay inside all day. By our choice we sometimes do this, but it’s different when we’re made do it. I’m sure if you have to stay inside you think of a million things you need or want to do. And those children, it must have been terrible for them to be contained inside for that long period of time. However, it could have been worse—could have been for many days.
  As I watched I though this must be like being in a war zone, where you have to say inside for your safety and then from time to time have bullets hitting your home as many of these citizens did. I hope it never happens here and I certainly hope it never occurs anywhere else in the U.S. or any other country.
  As we discussed it we agreed that it could happen in our area, because there are mentally ill folks everywhere.
  Then the news turned to West, Texas and the explosion at the fertilizer factory. Certainly that could happen anywhere there is one of these factories. Don’t think I want to live near one. Actually there were more killed in this catastrophe than in the bombing. Both were very sad events and sympathy goes to all families and friends involved.
  We have two events coming up this weekend that I always enjoy and I’ll have to miss both this year.
  Thursday night the Chamber of Commerce Ban-quet will be held. Always enjoy hearing the Share-croppers play, along with the reports and the speaker. Meal is always excellent and the fellowship great.
  Last year I sat by Ann and Butch Surrette. I’m sure they’ll have to miss this year, also. Ann had open heart surgery last week and we wish her a speedy recovery. Always enjoy visiting with these friends.
  Then on Friday night the Yalobusha County Relay for Life will be held. This is another great time of visiting, eating good food, and hearing some fine entertainment. It’s also a excellent fundraiser for the Cancer Society and a time to honor those who have survived the disease and those who did not.
  With many, many family and friends who have lost their lives to cancer and many who have survived, I support this project and certainly hope that in the near future a cure will be found or maybe even a vaccination.
  It was so good to have Becky Crow and Marsha Morgan with her new baby son in for a visit Monday afternoon. Becky and Marsha both look great and the baby is just adorable. Told Marsha I could help take care of him—I’m good with little boys. Raised one and have helped with many others. He was sleeping when he came in, but finally opened his big blue eyes.
  Was so sorry to learn of the death of long-time friend, Bill Sissell. Mr. Bill and his wife, Nannette, taught at Crowder when I was in 7th grade. From then on we’ve enjoyed visiting with each other when our paths crossed.
    And then for several years he wrote Out the Mudline for the paper and I saw him on a weekly basis (sometimes even more often). He always attended our school reunions and was just such a great person. Sympathy is extended to Nannette and the entire family.

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