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Street Talk

Ton Of Activities Over Next Two Weeks

Mickey Howley

I think most folks in town knew Bill Rotenberry. If you have a business in town, especially a food business, you sooner or later will meet everyone. That’s how most folks knew him, as a business owner. It was also pretty clear Bill was at a point in his life where he did not have to prove anything anymore to anybody. He had successful businesses here and in Texas, and so when he opened Pizza Getti downtown on Main Street earlier his year, it was more a labor of love.
He just liked being in a restaurant again; he loved being a regular on Main Street. And so when he passed away two weeks ago on a busy Friday night downtown, it came as a shock.
I think what most people liked about Bill, once you got past the gruff exterior, was he really liked who he was and what he was doing. Not everybody can say that. That was the key to his success.
Folks like when they go in a small business and can see and talk to the business owner. Quite often it is that one sole person who makes the business run. That is what we all like about small businesses, that direct and personal contact. And when something happens to that key person, the question is will the business carry on? So Bill’s family has decided to keep Pizza Getti going. The restaurant will open again Wednesday April 24. I think Bill would approve.
It is a busy two weeks coming up in the Valley. Some events are outdoors, so hope for good weather. Relay for Life is going on out at Crawford Park Friday night April 26 from early evening into the wee hours of Saturday morning. It is a fun event and all for a great cause.
Thursday night April 25 is the annual Chamber of Commerce banquet. In a change of pace, rather than have one keynote speaker, representatives from Borg Warner, Windsor Foods, and Valley Tool will all give short talks about how their companies are doing here in Water Valley.
Also on Friday night April 26 starting at 7:30 is an Open Mike Nite at Bozarts. Wendy Buffington is hosting this ongoing series and she has lined up WV resident Sean Ennis, and Melanie Anderson, who is an Oxonian, but also, very much a Valley regular. Reiko Yamada is performing. She played last weekend at Fiddler’s Loft – I missed it – but I heard great reviews.
And Saturday, May 4, is the World’s Largest Crappie Fest. Get ready for the Borg Warner 5k run or 2-mile walk. It is a timed event—with prizes for those fleet—and fun for all who participate. Plus music, arts, crafts, games, food. And Crappies. The Magnolia Crappie Club is hosting a tournament on Enid and the weigh in will be downtown at 3 p.m. as part of the fest.

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