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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Got up early last Wednesday and it was pouring rain. Dressed in a hurry to get an early start—knew it would take longer to deliver papers in the rain. Arrived at the office before Rick came from Batesville with the Heralds.
    By this time rain was really coming down, so we decided to wait for it to slack. In about 15 to 20 minutes it did slow down a little, so we got into our rain gear and braved the elements. I have an excellent raincoat with hood and rain proofed shoes—wasn’t enough. By the time I completed the route I was soaked from the skin out and could pour water out of my shoes.
    Had dry socks and shoes in the van, but I’d taken out my extra clothes. Got a towel, dried my feet and put on the dry footwear. Then I took off my outer shirt and just had to let my tee and jeans air dry—did turn the heat way up. I hate delivering papers on wet (liquid or frozen) or windy days—that’s hard work.
  Looking forward to tomorrow morning—prediction is for a dry, warm morning.
  Was so sorry to miss the Chamber Banquet Thurs-day night, but Mom had to have a sitter. Heard that it was a very exciting event and well attended. Also, appreciated the invite to Mary Lou and Snooky’s party, which always follows the banquet—also a wonderful outing each year.
  Always enjoy the Share-croppers entertainment, the delicious meal, informative program, and most of all the great fellowship. When you’re stuck in a business all year long, visiting with friends at the banquet is so much fun. Maybe if I start scheduling now, I’ll have a sitter lined up for Mom by next year.
  Also had to miss Relay for Life and I’m sure it was another fun event.
  Jimmie and Bill had granddaughter, Haller Grace, who celebrated her 5th birthday with a  party at their home. All the family attended except Mom and me. The boys were busy with equipment repair and grass cutting—including mine. Also there were ballgames to attend and I know you don’t miss these. I remember our days at the ballpark and they were so much fun.
  Going over to Mom’s late Thursday afternoon, the afternoon sun caught the crimson clover just right and it really glowed.
  I always call this clover, Mr. Frank “Pop” Tucker Clover. Mr. Frank is Betty Davis’ grandfather (other grands are the rest if the Perkins’ children, Johnny, Van and Martha Perkins Smith and a few others I don’t know). He seemed like a grand to me, also, because he worked at the Herald for many years—wrote our Home and Farm Column and assembled the Years Ago Column.
  When he began the plant roadsides in clover project I think he worked for Kraft Cheese—could have been for the State Extension Service. At any rate, it is a project that has endured, with many roadsides still covered. Probably the bare spaces are where the roads have been rerouted. Do enjoy the beauty of Mr. Frank’s clover, though.
  Highlight of the weekend in Courtland was the spectacular lightening show Saturday night.
  Bo called about 8 p.m. and told me to move my van under the carport. Report was for inch to inch and a half size hale. I was busy in the kitchen and did not even have the TV on, so had heard no weather reports. Turned the set on and there were tornado warnings for Coahoma and Quitman counties. After getting the van under cover, came back to find that Panola County was under a severe thunder storm warning. I heard the rumble and knew it was coming, so parked in front of Mom’s picture window for the show. Was not long before it began and I’ve never seen such lightening or heard such thunder in my life. Some of the strikes looked a foot wide. And the thunder was almost deafening.
  As I stood in front of this wall of glass, tornado never crossed my mind. Bobby Surratt called about 11 p.m. to see if we were O.K. Told him what we’d had and he said it was arriving in the Valley. Still had no idea that a tornado had been on the ground less than five miles from us. Didn’t know this until Jack advised me of the fact Monday morning and I argued with him, saying, “No way.” I was there and we only had a thunderstorm and straight line winds. Mel, who was closer to the touchdown, says, “Yes we did.” She pulled up pictures on the computer and sure enough there was some pretty extensive damage. Glad I didn’t know it or I’d have been scared to death.
  Sunday School Superintendent Travis York informed us Sunday morning that Woodland Hills had been ridded of the old serpent. This announcement was met with questioning stares. Explanation was that when he was in the church Saturday a small snake was found slithering down the hall. It had been apprehended and released back into the wild. He cautioned that there might be more, so watch where we were stepping. I also decided that we might need to keep our feet up in our chairs. I was first at church Sunday night, unlocked the door, turned on the light and then looked very carefully everywhere for anything moving before I entered the building.
  Went early to prepare for a finger food fellowship following evening worship, being held to welcome our new interim pastor, Rev. Linn Jones.
  The party was well attended and we all had a great time. It’s so good to have Bro. Jones and his wife with us. They are a wonderful couple and he’s an excellent preacher. Come hear him if you get a chance.

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