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Living Well In Yalobusha County

Extension Activities Include iPad Training, Youth Competitions

By Pamela Redwine

It is almost summer and that means it is almost time for 4-H Contests.  Youth ages 14- 18 can compete in Club Congress held at MSU May 29 – 31.  Youth ages 8-13 can compete in Project Achievement Day, which will be held June 6 at Mississippi Delta Com-munity College in Moorehead.   
The Cookout Contest  for youth 8-18 will be held June 18 in Verona. We will have training sessions to help us prepare for contests. If you are interested in going to one of these contests, you should try to attend several trainings.  Our first training will be May 7 from 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.
If you are interested in sewing and want to know how to use a serger machine we will offer a Beginner Serger Class on Tuesday, May 14 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m at the Extension Office located inside the Multi-Purpose Building in Coffeeville.      
The cost of the class is free. Since this will be a hands-on class the size of the class is limited to the first seven people to register. A serger is a type of sewing machine that trims the seam and encloses the seam allowance or edge of the fabric, inside a thread casing, all in one step.  It gives a clean finished look to your sewn item.  
Call 675-2730 to register for the class.
The iPad is quickly becoming a favorite for a variety of reasons: flexibility, portability, engagement, intriguing apps, and more. Join Jamie Varner, Extension Instructor, as we learn about helpful iPad “tips and tricks.” There will be two iPAD Classes offered at Extension Office on Thursday May 16. The first class will be from 9 to 11 a.m. and the second class will begin at 1 and end around 3 p.m. You do not have to own your own iPAD to attend the class.  
The instructor will have 12 iPADS for clients to use. If you have your own iPAD you can bring it.  The cost of the class is $5 and must be paid when you register.  Each session is limited to 12 participants. We must have at least 10 participants paid and registered for class to be held. Please call 675-2730 to register.
I mentioned last week in my article that the FCS 4-H Clubs modeled at the Water Valley Nursing Home on Saturday, April 20.
I need to apologize to Maggie Orton. I made a mistake when I was writing the caption for the picture in the paper and called her Olivia – which is her older sister.  We are glad to have you, Maggie, join us in Yalobusha 4-H this year.
The Healthy You Exer-cise class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wear cool clothes, comfortable shoes and bring some water to drink.
Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at MSU- Yalobusha County Exten-sion Service to keep up with our upcoming events.

Panko Bread Crumbs

Have you ever tried Panko bread crumbs?  Panko bread crumbs are a variety of flaky bread crumbs used in Japanese cuisine as a crunchy coating for fried foods, such as tonkatsu. Panko is made from bread baked by passing an electric current through the dough, yielding bread without crusts.
It has a crisper, more airy texture than most types of breading found in Western cuisine and resists absorbing oil or grease when fried, resulting in a lighter coating. White panko is made from bread which has had the crusts removed while tan “panko” is made from the whole loaf of bread. Outside Japan, its use is becoming more popular in both Asian and non-Asian dishes: It is often used on fish and seafood and is often available in Asian markets, specialty stores, and, increasingly, in many large supermarkets.
And many cooks are finding that they are a fantastic low-sodium alternative to traditional bread  crumbs. In fact, Panko bread crumbs do not contain any sodium at all.

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