Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

There is a new artist on the scene in North Mississippi who is generating some buzz. Last month he was featured in an article in DeSoto magazine, and he is making his path to Oxford. Meet Mark Acetelli, an accomplished painter now living in Holly Springs.
Let’s welcome him as he is exhibiting his newest paintings in a show at Southside Gallery entitled Absence and Presence. This is not his first time to be shown at the gallery as a few of his works were up in a group show last fall, but this exhibit features his work in a big way.
Acetelli has been painting for some time and was raised near Detroit, Michi-gan and lived in Los Angeles before moving to the area with his wife and new family. They are settled in Holly Springs where he has a studio on the downtown square, and he also works part time in Oxford.
On seeing Acetelli’s work, you immediately get the sense that this guy has something to say, and he says it so expressively that you cannot help but get caught up in the haunting images and layers embedded in his work.  The entire body of work is personal, emotional and ultimately powerful. Come out to Southside to welcome the newest member of our talented arts community.
The opening reception will be held at Southside Gallery on Thursday, May 9th from 6:30-8:30pm. The show will be in the gallery until June 1st. Send your arts related news to

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