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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Reading proofs on Tuesday, I always pick up a magazine as backing for pages when I mark the errors. Last week my new “Mississippi” magazine was on the counter so I grabbed it. Between the first and second group of pages I just flipped it open and what I found was amazing. It opened to Peggy Whiteside of Water Valley with her grand prize  cabbage casserole recipe. Congratulations to Peggy and I can’t wait to try this dish.
  Lucia Holloway was in a little later and told me that we’d had three winners from the Valley in this contest over the years.
  The 2012/13 school year is fast winding down. In the academic arena, test are being given, averages tabulated and graduation is right on us.
  We’re closing out the graduation section this Friday, May 10, so if you have not gotten in an ad call us if you want one. We’ve tried to check with everyone but may have missed one or two of you.     Also, personal ads of congratulations to seniors by parents, grands, or other family or friends are still being accepted. Deadline for them is also Friday.
  We now have in hand biographies from the seniors and I’m anxious to get them into text—always enjoy reading what these students have accomplished in their school careers. Know you will be interested in reading them, also. This section will be included in the May 16 issue.
  Had a call from brother-in-law, Tom Shearer, this afternoon (Monday), telling me he’d suffered a heart attack. It was a bad one.—his doctor reported that he was about three hours from being six feet under. Had one artery that was 100 percent blocked. They were able to right this with a stint. Has several  other blockages in the 60 percent range and they will be repaired in the near future.
  Debated over whether to share this, but knew that his many classmates, friends and family members would be interested and would put him on their prayer lists, so I’m telling (without his permission). Know he won’t care—Tom’s like me we just tell everything we know. Now had this been Ed it would have been a different story. Tom seemed to be feeling well and and in good spirits.
    Of course he was the Shearer that I never expected to have a heart problem—thin, ate healthy and seemed to get plenty of exercise. Well, we just never know.
  Also heard from Jim this afternoon. He’d been to California to play in a tuba clinic. He was there with some of the top tubists in the U.S.—said he was the low man on the totem pole and that was a pretty good group.
  They drove out and really enjoyed the trip. Took two days—could have done it in one but they did a bit of sight-seeing. They were close to the fires and Jim said he was amazed at how fast they were controlling them.
  One of the areas they toured was Palm Springs and I wanted to know about the golf course. It’s where the Bob Hope Tournament is played. He reported that  it was beautiful.
  We didn’t even get to food, but I’m sure he found some good stuff to eat.
  He’ll be in Memphis a week from Wednesday, to cook in the Memphis in May Barbecue Cookoff. Again he’ll be a member of the Count Bastie Team—probably spelled that wrong, I always do.
  Jimmie and I plan to go up on Family and Friends Night and sample the dishes. We always think they should win every category—there are some great cooks on this team.
  After the contest winds down Jim will come on to the Valley for a few days visit. Celeste can’t come—she’s still in school. Wish she could, we’d like to see her.
  Over the weekend Rance and Ginny were on vacation, Bo had a bad back and Jimmie was babysitting Granddaughter Caroline and the weather was so bad she didn’t want to get her out, so Mom and I were by ourselves. We cooked and ate, cleaned a little and watched lots of TV. Weather was so bad I didn’t even put my feet on the ground.
  It rained all night Thursday and then all day and night Friday. Saturday, early in the day the sun came out, but the yard was so wet you still had to stay inside. Late Saturday the rain returned and it rained most of the day Sunday. Rained this morning, but the sun is shining now. Think we’re going to mildew if it doesn’t stay out.
  Heard that the Crappie Fest was well attended. Would have liked to come, but with no one to sit with Mom there was no way. They did get a good day for this, because the rain did not return until late in the day Saturday and it was a cool day. Last year it was so hot that I nearly passed out and I’m a hot weather person.
  Sunday I’d planned to get out to O’Tuckolofa Baptist Church for their homecom-ing service. Sure did want to hear The Old Paths Quartet, with Daniel Ashmore as their bass.
  His grandmother, Lee (Mrs. Dale) Ashmore came by for a short visit Thursday. Have enjoyed listening to The Old Paths cd for several months now and sure did want to hear them in person. Just had too many church activities Sunday, so couldn’t get away.
  The Old Paths and The Masters, which includes another Ashmore grand as their tenor, presented a concert Saturday night in Mantachie—no way to get there. I only drive 30 miles, or less, by myself. I had no one to go with me, even if I could have left Mom.
  It was so good to have Judge Smith Murphy of Batesville in for a visit this morning. He was on the bench in court and stopped by after the session concluded. Smith is such a delightful person and I always enjoy visiting with him.
  Don’t forget that Sunday, May 12, is Mother’s Day. I had not even thought of this until Bro. Lynn Jones reminded us at the beginning of the services last Sunday.
  We don’t do much for Mom anymore. She gets those useful gifts—lounging PJs, house shoes, lotions and power.
  Bo and I think she needs a new kitchen sink faucet—we do most of the dishes and it sure would be nice—know she’d love this.
  Pope Baptist Church has a baby dedication service on Mother’s Day and our family will have two in the group. Misty and Trey Wright’s Briley  and Missy and Michael Cole’s Caroline will be among those dedicated. Afterward we’ll have a family dinner. We never miss a chance to eat and Mother’s Day and baby dedication seems a perfect time for this.
  Here’s wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day.

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