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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    I thought we were going to complete the graduation section last weekend—was a week ahead. Better to be a week ahead than a week behind.
  Worked all day Wednesday, Thursday, and most of Friday getting the biographies into type. Had almost completed the ad O.K.s earlier in the week. So now I’m in good shape. Will need to proof the pages when Mel and David get their part of this section completed.
  I went over to spend the night with Mom Thursday night, and Bo sat with her on Friday so I could come back and work. He cooked for me on Thursday night, but just let me fend for  myself on Friday.
  Had been to the supermarket before going to mom’s on Friday, so had food I could have cooked and eaten, but opted to just heat up his left over spaghetti from Thursday night and pulled out the cole slaw. Spaghetti just gets better each time you warm it up. Bo was taking Carolyn out for her Mother’s day outing.
  They were busy all day Saturday, so they went out to eat again  on Saturday night—she got two meals. Not sure that’s fair, since I didn’t get even one. Think we ate a bowl of soup Saturday night.
  I was lazy Saturday, so after cooking lunch for Mom I just sat and watched the Players Golf Tournament during the afternoon. It ran really long because of a rain delay. Got to see much of the 2012 tournament, which I apparently misses last year.
  Was glad to see Tiger Woods win a close one.
  I keep pulling out short sleeved dresses for Sunday morning and then rushing in to find something with sleeves—seems to turn cold every Saturday night.
  Had intended to attend morning worship at Pope Baptist Church, but so many folks announced they were going to be ab sent, I got up and went to Woodland Hills. Our attendance was way down, but we had a good SS, choir, even though we were few in number, presented a good special, and Bro. Lynn Jones brought a wonderful Mother’s Day sermon. Each mother was presented a beautiful red rose. I took mine, along with an extra, to Mom. She does love flowers.
  The reason I was going to church at Pope was not to be with Mom, but to see the dedication of great-nephew Briley Wright and great-niece Caroline Cole.
  After the service there was a family dinner at the Cole home. Had 25 to 30 family members attending. Five of us, along with living spouses, were there, several grands, their spouses, and children, were also present. Also it was so good to have Missy’s parents (Caroline’s other grands), Mary and Bubba McDowell of Sardis, with us. Jimmie, Bo and Carolyn had done most of the cooking. Seemed strange eating someone else’s cooking on Sunday. We all use the same recipes, so was not a lot different, except I had to keep telling everyone that I didn’t cook it. Did  make the banana pudding.
  Nephew William told me he almost called me to come down and watch the ballgame with him a few weeks back. Said he really wanted someone else to be as miserable as he. After a while, he said, he went to Freds and bought a blanket to wrap up  in.
    It was one of our cold, windy, wet nights. Don’t know whether it as Harris or Ian, or maybe both, playing. Do hope they come back to play in the Valley on a nice night—I’d like to see a good game and would really enjoy seeing the boys play.
    Harris and Ian were out riding Haller Grace’s pink jeep and Bo and Rance were pushing Briley on her scooter. Haller Grace was not with us, so everyone else enjoyed her toys.
    Nephew Jack was also missing—he was playing ball and called to report a win. The traveling teams play all weekend—even eight year olds. Jack is an avid baseball player and he is an excellent player.
    Mom went home early, so I went on up to sit with her for awhile. We watched the end of the golf tournament and then I came on home.
    When I go home, I checked my answering machine and realized that I’d not checked the weekend before. Had my final message from Bobby Suratt. I’m certainly going to miss him. We usually talked several times a week, and on the weekend if it was not pressing news, he’d just leave me a message. If it was something I really needed to know, he’d call me at Mom’s.
  Bobby was my oldest Main Street Kid. Had known him for over 56 years. In the early years he spent time at Blu-Buck next door to the Herald Office and at his mother’s Western Auto Store, further south on Main. Bobby was about eight years old when I got to the Valley and he was the cutest kid.
  Then as he grew into his teen years, we often would listen to his band, “Uncle Sam”  practice in one of Blu-Buck’s buildings. Jim and Ed spent lots of time doing this. I’d listen for a few minutes and then go back to work—we did have a paper to get out. Through the years, Bobby has kept me up to date on what’s happening in all these fellows’ lives. I’ll miss this.
  He knew everyone in WV over the years and if I needed to know who someone was I’d call him and he’d get me straightened out. After losing Bruce Gurner, Ed and Ludie, I really depended on Bobby.
    He often would say, “If we don’t know it we can make up anything because if we don’t know the straight of it there’s no one to argue with us.” And he was right. The Jack Gurners (Sr. and Jr.) now have to be the source of info.
  Bobby will be missed by all of us and we extend sympathy to daughter, Tempe, and the entire Suratt family.
  Jim will get into Memphis about noon on Wednesday, where he’ll again be on one of the patio barbecue teams. Bill, Jimmie and I plan to attend the family and friends party Wednesday night. At this event you get to meet the barbecue team, all their family and friends, and sample dishes they’ll be entering in the contest. There is some excellent eating at this affair and lots of great fellowship.
  After the contest wraps up on Sunday afternoon Jim will come on to the Valley for a few days visit. Looking forward to this.

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