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Surviving Summer: Keep The Kids Active

By Pamela Redwine

The Mississippi Homemaker Volunteer’s (MHV) Conference was held May 20-23, on the beautiful campus of Mississippi State Univer-sity. The Yalobusha MHV was represented with two members, Mrs. Jo Davis and Mrs. Julia Fernandez and one agent (Pamela Redwine).
Our county did well in the Cultural Arts Contests. We won 12 first-place ribbons, one second-place ribbon and three Best of Show Ribbons. A special thanks to Jo Davis, Deborah Bourn, Cindy Lloyd and Shay Lloyd for their entries. We were well represented.
The Conference theme was “A Little Bit Country and A Little Bit Rock-n-Roll.” There were many fun and interesting workshops such as: Oil Painting, Computer classes, Paper Quilling, Cooking Lite, Wire Wreaths, Soap Making, iPad and Smartphone training, Self-defense, Ribbon Angels, T-shirt Jewelry, Recycling, and Growing Tomatoes, just to name a few.
There were also a variety of tours including: Historical Costumes and textiles Fashion Exhibit, Vet School, Ulysses S. Grant Papers located at Mitchell Memorial Library. On Wednesday, night we enjoyed the awards banquet, which included a delicious meal and entertainment by Psalms Trio. We had a good time visiting with old friends, making new friends and learning new interesting things.
But as always we are glad to be back home in Yalobusha County! The United Y.C. MHV Club will meet again on Tuesday, June 18, at 9 a.m. We will be making blankets for the Blair Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson. A supply list will follow later. We would love to have you join us.
Mark your calendar for the Pocket T-Shirt Workshop scheduled Tuesday, June 11, from 10 a.m. – noon.
This is a plain T-shirt made with a fabric pocket that can be embroidered with an initial, name or graphic. You will need to bring your own T-shirt and fabric (a fat quarter 18 inches x 21 inches will be more than enough fabric). If time allows we will allow participants to make multiple t-shirts.
The Crochet Group will meet on Thursday, June 6  from 10 a.m. until noon at the Extension Office. This is a fun, laid-back group that enjoys learning to crochet. You can work on different projects at your own pace. It is free all you have to do is bring your own yarn and crochet needle.
The Healthy You Exercise class meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Wear cool clothes, comfortable shoes and bring some water to drink. You do not have to register for this class.
Don’t forget to like us on Facebook at MSU- Yalo-busha County Extension Service to keep up with our upcoming events
Before summer was even here, I heard my seven year-old say the dreaded words “I’m bored.”
Oh no, I thought. We are in for a looooong summer. I told her to go outside and use her imagination. The next thing I know, she and a friend are searching for treasure and building a club house.
If you have heard these same dreadful words then take a look at this article that I ran across by Dyan Eybergen on the Keep Kids Healthy webpage.

Surviving Summer Boredom with your Kids
Sometimes, especially with younger children, cries of boredom are really calls for companionship and attention-their friends may be away on vacation and without the structure of school they may find it difficult to keep occupied during long summer days.         Prolonged intervals where the kids have nothing to do can be stressful for parents. When bored, children often become whiny, cranky and demanding.
Here are four easy tips to help parents’ combat summer boredom and help kids develop the internal resources that are important for developing creative, resource and time management skills:
1. Put a weekly calendar together so as not to overwhelm yourself with planning entertainment for an entire summer, just take it one week at a time-day trips, arts and craft activities, play-dates, reading time, nature hikes, picnics, bike rides, a trip to the movie theatre etc. This way kids will have something to look forward to during down time. A calendar also helps with getting kids prepared for what comes next.
2. Ask: “If you could do anything, what would you like to do?” Try and encourage your children to generate their own ideas for activities-they are more apt to have fun when they thought it up on their own! Reinforcing that children use their imaginations will also help them develop a sense of resourcefulness and get them in the habit of making their own choices about how they will spend their time.
3. Keep an “art box” handy full of supplies: scissors, fabric, felt, glue, paints and brushes, stickers, paper, markers, canvass, needle and thread, beads, yarn, picture magazines etc.
Rummaging through a box of art supplies can ignite the imagination and occupy children for long periods of time. They could even begin an entrepreneurial enterprise and sell their wares at the end of the summer.
4. Inspire them to play with water. Water is very calming and soothing for children and they can while away many hours playing and keeping cool. Get them to wash the car, hose off the deck, or run through a sprinkler. Take them to a community splash pad or pool, make musical instruments by filling different shaped glasses with varying amounts of water; fill a kiddie pool and bathe the dog, even wash the dishes and blow bubbles with the detergent!
Article Source: http:/ / summer boredom.html.

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