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Tittle Tales

Welcome The Tittles To WV

By Amy Tittle

I have been journaling for a while, so I’ll share with you a few detailed facts about us. We are a non-traditional, exuberating family who probably make the Fockers look normal. My husband and I truly love and learn from every minute of it.

Who Are We
I’m Amy: believer of Jesus Christ, wife, mama of three, writer and newcomer to Water Valley. I love beautiful and unique outdoor scenery, pink lipstick, all types of music (right now French) and photographs of people in love. When I’m not writing or cooking and taking pictures of my three kids or asking my husband and everybody I meet questions, I enjoy reading and learning as much facts of history as possible, spending time with my family and listening to my kids daily conversations all the while cleverly trying to get myself out of doing dishes or folding laundry.
I gain most of my inspiration from my adorably inquisitive family and our reactions to the everyday face plants caused from situational speed bumps in life. I am excited for this upcoming year as I will share not only belly laugh daily situations but also more about who we are and things we know and helpful information I have learned through trial and error.
My husband of 13 years, high school sweet heart and best friend is Matt Tittle. We have three amazing, smart, creative and curious children. We currently home school, always have and hope to continue until they all graduate. Let’s hope we know what we’re doing …right?
My husband, also a believer in Jesus Christ, loves spending time with the kids doing anything, as long as he has his video camera attached to his hand. He loves making movies of our growing family and is remarkably talented in video editing and also draws and paints extraordinary. He loves to fish and cook and has phenomenal keen carpentry skills.
“Huck” is our oldest son of ten years, very intellectual, outdoorsy ”Bear Grylls” type, he can catch anything that swims in water, and to complete his great characteristic of humor he enjoys his entrepreneur hobbies of wood whittling and balloon art.
“Princess” (you guessed) our one and only, for now, daughter of 8 years. Besides wanting to sing for American Idol and be the next winner for the show “So you think you can dance,” she can climb trees and throw baseballs, dig for worms–all with out messing up her hair. She is her father’s daughter up and down, very artsy and a perfectionist with everything besides keeping her room cleaned.
“Peanut” is the baby right now, so as you would assume, naturally, he gets an overloaded amount of  attention. He is our most aggressive and competitive kid. We are looking forward to watching him play organized sports and already feel bad for all the kids on his opposing team.
All of our children have a love and interest in nature and animals and anything to do with water, dirt and sidewalk chalk.
Editor’s Note: Amy Tittle will share the ups, downs and crossways of her family’s life with Herald readers each week.

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