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Tittle Tales

Coming In For A Landing In The Valley

By Amy Tittle

Last week I gave you in a nutshell who we are. So, now I’ll tell you a little background of where we are from and the reasoning in why we choose the “Valley.” Here are the curious where, why and what answers to wrap up a little more about “us.”

Where Are We From?
We are from a fast-paced northeast pocket in the sunshine state called Jackson-ville, Florida. My husband and I were born and raised in the sunny south big city. Our Florida home of almost 13 years is nestled across the street from the St. Johns River. This is the house my husband was born and raised in, so it was a little sentimental when we left. Will still own this home and are currently renting it out.
All of our family still reside in Jacksonville, but most of them have and will continue to come visit us (which I will also keep you posted about and write on).
The family members that have already come to visit have also fallen in love with this breathtaking, nostalgic community.

Why Did We Choose Here?
To be honest, we did not seek out Water Valley or even the state of Mississippi. But, in the end, we did chose to relocate here. Hang on, let me explain our choice. My husband was offered a job here with ATS, which is located inside Borg Warner. It was an offer we could not afford, literally, to turn away. He works for ATS as a technician. They are an internal contracted company with an outstanding reputation for extremely high skills and leadership, featured in many magazines and newspapers.
He was in the cut of a massive layoff from his previous employer, Swisher Sweets International, in Jacksonville. So, needless to say, we took the leap of faith through the open door God had provided so faithfully for us and prepared our move to Mississippi. We were very thankful for this answered prayer of a good job. So here we are, and very happy and content.

Well… What Now?
Well I am sure glad you asked. Matt will work and fish and spend time with us and complete the never-ending honey do list I have for him. I will school the kids, write and cook and we will enjoy raising our kids in this very attractive little town.
We are planning on involving ourselves in everything possible that has any positive affect on this great town. Our plan is being here a good long while, but I will keep you posted if anything changes.
We are looking forward to possibly becoming members of the local country club and shopping, eating and actively participating locally. We plan on helping and involving our entire family in the upcoming festivals this year.
We are excited to get the kids in sports at Crawford Ball Park. We also want to volunteer with some upcoming summer local activities for the kids. So “us” city slickers, yuppies, whatever you want to call us, are already feeling the relaxed, peaceful sense of a small town. We like it and are looking forward to enjoying this laid back Water Valley living.
Also, I would really love to learn how to catch and cook “crappie” one of these days…just throwing that out there.

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