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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Last Thursday Andy O’Bryan, co-owner of Yalobusha Brewing Com-pany, a craft brewery being established in Water Valley, came by to tell us about an interesting visitor to the  old Hendricks building, home of the brewery. The man came from Senatobia (Andy couldn’t remember his name—can relate to that), had been an accountant for Hendricks Machine Shop during his years at Ole Miss. He said he’s spent many hours in the old building and had enjoyed them. Andy was pleased to tell us that the man was impressed with the renovation of the building and with the business that was being established there.         The man also expressed a desire to come back to the Valley and see the finished product. Andy said he gladly gave him a cordial invite to come visit again when the business was up and running. Thanks for sharing, Andy.
  Annette Trefzer , owner of Bozarts Studio, was in to express thanks for our coverage of their show, which began over the weekend. We’re always happy to be a part of fun things that happen in the Valley, even if it’s just publicity.
  Since I’ve become Mom’s weekend caretaker I miss most of the fun stuff in WV—most of it happens on the weekend. Heard that attendance was good and that everyone seemed to have a great time at the opening reception Friday night. The show, which is dubbed “The Exchange Show,” allows members of Bozarts Alliance to exhibit their work at the Powerhouse in Oxford and Powerhouse artists exhibit at Bozarts.         The show continues all month, with the closing reception at the Power-house on June 25 from 6-8 p.m.
  The Farmers Market was into its second week Saturday morning. Haven’t heard whether we have fresh veggies there yet.
  I did get some fresh onions Thursday at B.T.C. and some home-grown squash at Larson’s. Also picked up a cantaloupe (not local) at B.T.C. and it was delicious. The melons were 2 for $5, but I only bought one. I had walked to B.T.C. for a bowl of soup at lunch and wanted some bananas, the onions and melons. After carrying one melon around in the store for several minutes, decided that even though I’m kin to a pack mule, the weight of two might be a mite much for my stroll back up Main—and it was hot, also.
  A note came with Valley Native Lawrence Pass of Reno subscription renewal last week. It’s always great to hear from him. We think our weather has gotten hot, but listen to what he reports about Reno’s temps. “Summer has finally arrived in Reno. It is supposed to be 100 degrees Sunday (June 8). Spring slipped by and we hardly noticed it. It was 32 degrees just a few nights ago.”
  Seems like they’d had the same temp variances that we have—only they’ve gotten much higher earlier. We are predicted to be in the mid-90s by mid-week. I really liked those high 70s and low 80s we had recently, but they didn’t last long.
  Another thing I’m enjoying—the long days. Can you believe that we’re only a short time away from the longest day of the year? On Wednesday morning it’s so good to deliver papers in the light.
  Got up Friday morning at Mom’s and decided to finish cleaning out the room I sleep in. For years it’s been the storage room. Went looking for space to store paper towels, tissue, extra quilts and blankets.
  Found a super place for the paper towels. Mom has a stacked washer/dryer unit, which we no longer use—Jimmie takes the laundry to her house. Did you know that the dryer on this thing will hold two eight-roll packages of paper towels. Works great, since they’re now in the utility room, right off the kitchen, instead of through a hall and into my bedroom. Extra bedding will go onto the shelves in the closet—I live out of my overnight bag and don’t use the closet. Still looking for a place for toilet tissue, but Bo says we’ll take the old furnace out and make a great storage closet. May get it done in a few years—he always had way to much to do.
  He was staking and tying up tomatoes and tending to the never-ending chore of cutting grass over the weekend. He and Rance even came over Saturday and cut both my yards and also trimmed up some limbs.
  Cooked a Black Angus roast, purchased at Larson’s of course, for Sunday lunch. I’d stayed home Sunday afternoon, so had not tasted it. When I arrived Sunday night to stay with Mom, Bo says, “How did you cook that roast, it’s the best I think I’ve ever eaten?” Well I salted and peppered it, turned it over in seared it in a hot black skillet, and plopped it into the crockpot. Cooked it for about an hour on high and turned it off. Then before I left for home Sunday morning I turned it back on the low setting—it cooked until lunch. I couldn’t wait to taste it because I’d not eaten. Made a sandwich and he was right—the thing was delicious. I’m sure it was just because it was a great cut of meat. Also made a banana pudding—didn’t get a bite of it, but really didn’t need it. I’d eaten a chocolate cupcake at church.
  We had a birthday party for our interim pastor, Rev. Lynn Jones.  His 68th birthday was actually Monday, June 10, but we had the party while he was there on Sunday night.
  We could have celebrated on Monday—we were all there for Bible school. Had another member (Jaclyn Swinkowski) celebrating her birthday on the 10th, so we sang “Happy Birthday” to her Monday. It was her 14th and I told her we could put the 6 and 8 from Bro. Lynn’s  cake on a couple of cupcakes, she could add them together and have 14.
  Next we learned that we had still another birthday on the 10th, Kelsey Neeley, who was away at MDA Camp for the week.
  Happy birthday to all of these and we hope they have many more.
  Bible school was great fun Monday night. Had over 20 youngsters and about that many adults. I was a member of the kitchen crew, along with Martha Ruth and Margaret Wilson. Some of the parents, with only girls, remarked that “You can’t fill those boys up, can you?” They got that that right—still have trouble filling them up at age 49. It is great fun cooking for them, though.
  Bible school continues each night from 6:30-8  and all youngsters age 3 through 6th grade are welcome. Come on out and join us. We’re enjoying exciting music, fun recreation, cute crafts, delicious refreshments, enlightening mission stories, and wonderful bible classes.
  Don’t forget Father’s Day Sunday.

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