Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

With summer vacation season upon us, many people are heading to the beach, amusement parks, foreign countries and lake houses. These are all great choices, but there are other less conventional options available as well. I like to call them ART-cations. These are vacations where art is the main focus.
A popular place to go on one of these retreats is the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina. It is located in the Southern Appalachians, and its 300 acres are filled with historic buildings where people from all over gather to learn and hone new skills.
The class offerings are vast and include everything from gardening, painting, cooking, blacksmithing, basketry, jewelry, carving, shoe making and many more.
More information can be found at www.FolkSchool .org.
If you are interested in mixed media, you might consider the CREATE mixed media retreat, which is sponsored by Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine, and has several different sessions and locations. Mixed media artists from all over the country teach various workshops, and cutting edge techniques and products are showcased.  Check out to register.
 Those who want to stay closer might be interested in a collage workshop by William Goodman put on by Ice Tree Arts: Creativity Workshops, and held at the Powerhouse in Oxford on July 19th-20th. More details on this can be located at
Making art can be a vacation in itself, and the above options can help make your break a creative one! Send me your arts related news to

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