Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 We’ve had a major problem for the past two weeks. Papers in the northern part of Missis-sippi, Tennessee, Arkan-sas, Alabama, Louisiana, and other places, have not arrived as of press time. Most of these subscribers who have called are serviced by the Memphis Central Distribution Cen-ter.
  The papers have left the Valley at the exact time they do each week. We cannot explain why they’ve not been delivered. We do apologize for this inconvenience and hope it will be corrected soon.
   Lucia Holloway brought me an article about the Catfish Alley mural being painted in downtown Columbus. The article was from the student paper of Mississippi University for Women. This is being done by MUW students and their professor. Among the students helping with this project is Rebecca McGavock from Water Valley.
  Located at South and Main Street, the mural will depict Catfish Alley through the years and is a collaboration between The W and the City of Columbus.. The mural should be completed by the time you read this.
  Lucia is always so good to share news of Valley folks that she finds in many publications. We do appreciate her assistance.
  Most of last week was spent with days in the office and then going immediately to Bible school. On Thursday and Fridays, I had to go to Mom’s to spend the night—made for some long, tiring days.
  I was in the kitchen, along with Martha Ruth and Margaret Wilson. On Tuesday night we served bologna sandwiches. Were we surprised when a child asked, “What is bologna?” Martha Ruth got the question and turned to me. An old hand at these unique questions, I immediately replied, “It’s a lunchmeat.”
    Our student says, “I’ll try it.” They did and they liked it. Was glad, because it’s one of my favorite meats to make into a sandwich. I like it on whole wheat bread with tomato, cucumber, onion and mayonnaise. We were giving VBS students bread and bologna, with a choice of mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup—most chose ketchup. These kids do like ketchup on everything. However, the favorite sandwich is peanut butter and jelly.
    This was offered as an alternative to the food being served each night and we made lots of PB&Js.
  On Monday night we had grilled cheese, of course, bologna on Tuesday, hot dogs on Wednesday, and pizza on Thursday. Each night they got a treat, cookies on Monday, cupcakes on Tuesday, Rice Krispie Treats on Wednesday, and pudding cups, with dirt (crushed Oreos) and worms (the gummy variety).
    Rice Krispie Treats were the favorite. Along with the food, blue Kool-Aid was the beverage of choice.
  We decided that the chef’s special at Woodland Hills was PB&Js and blue Kool-Aid.
  The songs were very lively—not the old VBS music we older heads grew up with. Didn’t get to go watch, but heard that recreation was exciting. The mission stories were so interesting and the crafts were cute. I know that the children attending learned lots about the Bible during the study time.
  In lieu of the mission story on Wednesday night our interim pastor, Bro. Lynn Jones, joined us for an evangelistic moment. Heard several comment that even the three year olds could understand Bro. Lynn’s explanation of the gospel. He is an excellent preacher and teacher. We do enjoy him each week.
  On Friday night we had Family and Friends night and had  excellent attendance. We all enjoyed seeing the children share what they’d learned, both musically and scripturally. Fellowship and refreshments were great and I think everyone had a good time.
  I had made the old Dreambars that the late George Miles used to make at the Pastry Shop. Found the recipe in Turnage’s little book “Happier,” which I read each week, and they’re now called Chocolate, Coconut, Pecan Bars. Ed loved them and called them “Nightmares”. I didn’t remember them being as good as they tasted Friday. One little boy came dragging his dad up and says, “Taste one of these”. He  continued, “They’re delicious”. Father ate one and agreed. That was my compliment for the night.
  It was so good to have Bro. Lynn and his wife, Adrinell, with us Friday night. They are so good to support all the activities of the church.
  Friday  morning Jimmie came up to fix mom’s hair and had newest grand, Caroline, with her. It was my first time to get to babysit for an hour or so. Caroline is the best baby. She was on a pallet on the floor and I just talked to her. She smiled and talked back—sure I understood every word. She’s just learned to turn over—can get from her back to her stomach, but has difficulty getting back on her back. She does not like to be on her stomach and gets irritated when she can;t just pop back over. Doesn’t cry, just makes faces. Then she got the hiccups. I picked her up and patted her back. They finally went away and she snuggled up to me and went to sleep. We did have a great visit. I intend to put in an order for her to come up each Friday for my quality time with her.
  The other granddaughter, Haller Grace,  came in Saturday, but I didn’t get to see her. She’s staying all week so maybe our paths will cross this weekend. She just turned five and is going on at least 20. They do grow up fast.
  Great-nephew Briley Wright (son of Niece Misty and Trey Wright, grand of Bo and Carolyn) was at Mom’s for a visit Saturday. He was scheduled for a corrective surgery Monday (today) and hope he’ll be fine. I’m sure they’ll have trouble keeping him still until he’s mended—he is an active little boy.
  Was so good to have Malinda Turner (daughter of Bettie and Edwin Earl Hill) in church with us Sunday morning. Malinda brought our special music and it was beautiful. She is so talented.
  Patti Goodwin, our music director, introduced her and then decided that she’d better identify her as the Hills daughter, stating, “Us older heads know her so well that we forget we have members who have come in since Malinda left us and they don’t know who she is.”
  We do have lots of new people in the Valley and I find myself, while introducing the “kids” who come back, having to explain who they are—telling who their parents and grands are.
  Other special guests Sunday were Bro. and Mrs. Jones’ son, Blake, and Mrs. Jones’s parents. It was  so good to have them with us.
  Fathers were scarce at Mom’s Sunday. Our father has been dead over 51 years, Ed’s gone, and Rance has no children. Bo was the only father with us and his child and grandchild were not there. We had a good time anyway, with good food and trips down memory lane.
  Hope all fathers had a great day!

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