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Street Talk

Get A Load Of That Luscious Tomato

By Mickey Howley

They were there last Saturday. Been so long since I’d seen them, I almost forgotten my basic desire. But there they were in all their enticing, ripe, juicy, lusciousness. Waiting for me. And I knew I was going to have my way with them, in just a few short hours. Oh, yes. It would be a quick affair, a few quick moves, and they’d go down so dreamily easy. And that sensation would be back, just filling me. But first I’d have to get by Wilbur Herring. He was blocking me, for a reasonable price mind you, from possession.
The tomatoes are back in town folks. And they’re great. We have waited and the waiting is over.
So not only are the friendly curmudgeons like Wilbur back, but there are some new vendors at the Farmers Market. Matty and Amy Crockett are there with their potted and cut herbs and their special hot sauce. I’ve tried their hot sauce on a half a dozen things and it has that tangy zest you’re looking for without needing to call the fire department.
Christy and Glen Callahan from M&J Farms are also new. They have a great selection of jams and jellies, fresh bread, just picked vegetables, and aromatic herbs. Check them out at Farmers Market this Saturday, the fresh stuff is there and the coffee is dark and hot.
John Forsyth was there at the FM with his no nails or screws furniture. It is nice stuff. And John is organizing a drum circle for the market this Saturday. A drum circle that will drum summer in on the second official day of summer.   
Don’t know what a drum circle is?
Well, it is a circle of people drumming. And why you may ask?
Well if you’re like me and you don’t know something, the first place I go for answers is YouTube. And the first video of people drumming has some great subtitles that explain it. Stuff like, “Rhythm is a language and Music is all about healing the spirit” and also “When the circle works as a team everyone benefits.” I could not agree more, in theory. So come out around 10 a.m. at the FM this Saturday and under the other Magnolia will be this drum circle. Or just listen to the beat going across town.
Now I don’t usually do this, but I’m going to encourage you, my dear reader, to go to Oxford, Mississippi next Tuesday evening. You know Oxford gets more of our money than we get of theirs. That’s been changing. And for years Oxonians would never come to the Valley to shop or attend events. That has been changing, also. Two creative groups, the Powerhouse artists from Oxford and the Bozarts Alliance artists in Water Valley have set up an artistic exchange. Two weeks ago the Powerhousians were in the Valley. Next Tuesday June 25th from 6 to 8 pm the Valley artists have their opening reception at the Powerhouse. If you have not been to the Powerhouse, it is right off University Ave. at 413 South 14th across the street from Newk’s. Promises to be a fun cross-county cultural night.

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