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Tittle Tales

Water Valley Folks Make Impression On Tittle Family

By Amy Tittle

Besides this town being so appealing to my husband and me, we have found so are the people who reside here. On top of meeting wonderful new friends I want to mention some of the local people  we have met so far who have made an impression on this city girl.
My husband, Matt, had the privilege of meeting Water Valley’s Mayor at the Crappie festival and we both agreed it is so pleasant to have a down-to-earth political figure to support in this great community. I had such a warm welcome from Bonnie Cox at the chamber of commerce office; she is so informative about everything WV has to offer and seems to always be very willing to help with any questions or concerns.
We love our house and are enjoying every detail it offers. Thank you, Paula Hill, for helping us find the perfect house. Larry Sprouse at Valley Lumber, thank you for your patience and advice to me with all my projects thus far. The sweet couple and friendly employees at True Value, thank you for your helpful tips and for letting me just wander aimlessly in your store as I was figuring out exactly what I needed to make my ongoing ideas work.
And thanks for helping “Huck” get the correct size pipes for his outdoor rainwater purifier.
To the sweet lady at  the Farm Mart feed store off Highway 7, who has such sweet and patient answers with my never-ending questions about my animals, garden and herbs, while “peanut” is digging in the seed bins…sorry about the messes.
The incredible and helpful staff at the BTC and their never ending supply of fresh produce, many thanks.
Also, to Cora and her amazing bakery, thank you. She is always making something to blow my taste buds straight out of the water and always delivering her tasty plates with a smile on her face.
Gratitude to Chris Marshall, Matt’s co-worker, for the bag of crappie. We fried it this past weekend in the cast iron skillet and it was exquisite. Looking forward to cooking and eating a lot more crappie and possibly catfish.  
We had pizza at PizzaGetti’s and it was delicious. The staff was friendly and it was touching to see the family still running the business.
I have also had the chance to sit and talk with Jo Turnage over a coke float about all the rich history this town offers and she enlightened me on some very interesting facts of the drugstore in the early 1900s.
To Jacki Clevenger, just want to say a big thank you for everything you plan and facilitate for the kids in this community, also for giving my oldest son a chance to sharpen his balloon art skills and entertain the little ones. I cannot forget the friendly staff at the Blackmur Memorial library for helping my kids find just the right book each week. A big thanks to the dedicated and caring ladies that volunteer their time each week to read to the children, it is really a labor of love and care. My kids look forward to it every Wednesday.
Meeting Jack Gurner and Betty Shearer has been a delight of mine; they are two clever and brilliant writers.
There are many many more sweet folks I have met since moving to the Valley that have also left lasting impressions on me and my family.
It is such an incredible privilege to have a chance to be a part of a place like this and interact with the caring, wise, and unique people of this community. The incredibly sweet and supportive people of this town have made it not only easy but delightful to transition here and help get our home up and running.

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