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Good To See New Business In The Valley

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, hope you are having a good week.  
I caught an error that had slipped by where I wrote that Johnny McDonald had written a column like this when it should have read Peewee Sartain who did write one before I started.   Since I do my own proofing, the error is  mine alone and I apologize and promise to be more careful in the future.  
It’s good to see new businesses coming to the Valley and particularly the brewery opening in the old Hendricks building. What a difference a few years make, no ads in the paper protesting  and the welcome mat out for a new business–as it should be.
I’ve never really cared much for beer, but that’s a personal choice with nothing against the product. These small breweries are opening up  across the country and I hope this one is a success.
Once there were sawmills across the area operated by Cornish Crews, Walter Beck, Raymond Strange and Mr. Gann. At one time  I worked for all of them but Mr. Gann and it was the hardest work I ever did. There were mill operators such as Claude Strange who produced plow handles. Jim Peacock’s grandfather, Jim, and his dad, Cleve, turned out ax handles that were works of art. There was also a mill that produced barrel staves.  Sadly they have all passed into history but were once a vital part of the community.  
Squire Badley ran a jug factory for over 50 years and taught the Ussery family the trade to continue on after his death. He brought my great grandfather, Elijah Badley, from England and as a teenager he traveled over the country selling jugs and churns.  
It’s good to see the return of the farmer’s market, which was a fixture for many years until merchants, resenting the competition, forced them to close. Their re-opening is another victory for free enterprise.
One of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn, died of cancer last week at 47.  He wrote over 20 novels, some have been optioned by the movies. If you have never read him, I urge you to do so.  
Let me hear from you at my email address, or write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, TN 38101 and have a great week.

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