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Tittle Tales

Tittles Get Lesson In Rural Life From Hamm Family

By Amy Tittle

I have been inspired lately and it has led me into many more exciting and challenging projects. (Thank goodness that True Value and Valley lumber are close by.) I am sure many of you have seen the new trend in furniture and the look has entranced me. It’s the old, vintage, refurbished, painted, distressed, antiqued style. Well, I have tried a few pieces of my furniture at home this past week and I have to say it is fun in a learning type of way, but somewhat time consuming.
So if you like the look and do not have time to try it yourself, I have a great new discovery that I know first hand and can recommend highly. I have to pitch a disclaimer out there; my pieces look nothing near the same genre as this couples business I’ve highlighted below.
We have recently become very good friends with a couple from our church, Tim and Natalie Hamm. Tim is a Water Valley native who grew up and graduated from Water Valley High School. His sister and family currently live in downtown Water Valley. Natalie grew up and graduated in Oxford. Tim and Natalie are the owners and creators of “Hammmade” a furniture business that I have recently fallen in love with because of the uniqueness, beauty and quality of each piece. Each item they produce is incredibly charming and original.
I have grown to be passionate about supporting not only the local businesses in Water Valley but also the families from here that own their own business’s and do a great job handling it. It excites and delights me to see a family working together and producing something so incredible with such character that I cannot help but to become an exuberant supporter. It was so encouraging and inspiring to see this amazing couple work together while raising and teaching their children about Jesus, love, marriage and good business ethics. You can see the love and time they pour into each piece of furniture. If you like and are looking for an original, well-made, simply beautiful piece of furniture with unforgettable character you must  check out their business on Facebook and Etsy.
They have four adorable children and currently reside between Water Valley and Oxford. One of the Hamm children has two pet rabbits, and my kids were naturally drawn to the fluffy, little, white, cotton-tailed creatures immediately. My daughter was accompanied by one of the fuzzy bunnies in her lap while my husband and our two boys enjoyed fishing with Tim and his three boys. I think the kids caught around 26 bream. It was so much fun.
While my kids are still getting familiar with this rural area, the Hamm children did a great job on schooling these city kids on a few things from jumping into a muddy lake for a swim, zip lining, hiking up a trail in the woods to finding a really cool rope swing and canowing. So, thank you to the Hamm family for showing us a great time Mississippi style.
And to you reader, yes, I will continue my refurbishing, painting, distressing, etc. exploration of furniture and other odds and ends for my curiosity, all the while, loving and supporting Hammmade and their custom made jewels.

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