Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  A note from Mrs. Sarah Norris of Coldwater came with her subscription renewal. I was glad to learn who she is. Many of you may know her or some of the family. She writes:
  I am Charles Bolen’s sister. He lives in Niceville, Florida. I am also a sister of Joann Prestage from Water Valley. You may know them both. We all grew up in Paris. I do enjoy the Herald. I’m the oldest of six and have been away a long time, but still remember the good old days. I’ll soon be 90, but still enjoy life and am thankful to be here.”
  Thanks for writing, Mrs. Norris. I do know your brother and sister. As a matter of fact, I have several of Charles’ (Barry’s) doodles on my wall. I have enjoyed them so much—he is quite talented.
  It was nice and cool as I delivered papers Wednes-day morning (60°) and it stayed that way through Thursday and Friday. We have had a comfortable  and beautiful spring (which continued into summer) for the most part. However I think summer is here now—heat and humidity are getting like Mississippi summers are supposed to be. Last week, even on Wednesday, we didn’t have many customers or visitors in the office—must have been because of the July Fourth holiday coming up Thursday. Guess folks were getting ready for it.
  I had planned to do some house cleaning on my holiday, but didn’t get much done—as usual. Needed to find a key to an old door lock I’d planned to us on the new storage building. Found all my keys—about a 100—and went through them. I knew it was a Sears brand and it was a back door lock. Found one key with a B on it and another that was a Sears key—they were not the same, but I’m hoping one will fit. It’s an almost new lock set that had been out in the weather for a year or so. Has tarnished, but Steve got it freed up so maybe it will work. I’d just soon not have to buy a new one.
  The storage building is almost finished. They were sealing the inside today.
  Sold Mother Shearer’s house Wednesday and was so glad it went to a delightful young couple, Josh and Kristi Tatum. They seemed to like it and I hope they will enjoy it as much as we did during her years there.
  The house has many memories for me, since the builders were the late Jerry and Pat Holloway—longtime friends. We visited with them many times over the years. I remember Jerry’s Christmas decoration (Merry Christmas on the planter each year). I also played rook with the club when they needed a fill-in and usually it was held at her house.
  Then mother bought it in the late ‘70s and we ate many lunches there and spent lots of holidays with her and the rest of the family who had come in from out-of-town. The last night Ed and I spent in the house was with her the night before she went to live her last four months in Yalobusha General Hospital. Will miss the house, but I’m so glad that someone again will enjoy living there. Mother always loved living in the house,  mostly because of the neighborhood, which is a great one.
  Thursday afternoon, about two o’clock Jimmie called to tell me she had cooked barbecue and the trimmings. Too tempting, so I just gave up by plans for work and went on over.
  Had a great meal and enjoyed visiting with all the family, especially the Cole’s latest grand, Caroline.
  The fellows were operating the bulldozer, cleaning off the fence row. This had been a project in the works for many years. After Brother Bo worked on the dozer for a while, Bill was the operator, with Rance as the foreman—that translates to doing nothing. They’d push down some trees and then work on the machine. It’s a 1963 model and takes a lot of upkeep. Fortunately Bo has had some 50 years experience of maintenance in the heavy equipment field. He can literally tear the dozer down and rebuild it. Comes in handy when you have antique equipment.
    They were pushing trees into a gulley, which I’ve driven by for over 35 years, but didn’t have any idea how deep it was. The ditch bank obscured the gulley. Jimmie was having a fit with Bill going almost straight down into that 30 foot drop. Each time she was sure he’d just fall on in. I wasn’t so apprehensive, mainly because I didn’t know what he was venturing into. Know he’s a dare devil, so had I known I’d have been very worried, also. After I saw the depth of the gulley, I was sure glad Bo wasn’t on the thing—he takes even more risk than Bill.
  Next day they continued the project. This time they were pushing down a tree next to the power line and it was in about a six foot hole. The dozer came out of the hole and then just stopped pulling—good thing, it would have been hard to work on down in the pit. Getting it to go again took a long time. After it was ready to push some more it cranked once and then just refused to come to life again. They hooked all the batteries and Jump Starts together and finally got it going after church on Sunday. I left to come back for night services before they had completed the job, so don’t know if it kept running or if they had to spend more maintenance time on it. Have to give them credit though, this gang is persistent. They’ll get the job done, even if it takes years.
  Following worship Sunday night, the ladies were discussing remedies for leg cramps. Now I’ve never had a leg cramp, but had watched Ed suffer with them over the years. Thought, I’d better listen to this—might need the knowledge one day. Hope not!
  The two preferred solutions were a fourth cup of tonic water or a tablespoon of yellow mustard.
  Thought on this for a while and came up with what I believed was a splendid solution. Take that spoon of mustard (I’d use jalapeno) and put it on a really good hot dog. The tonic water would go into a good mixed drink (don’t think there is one, but can  hope). I dislike alcohol in any form. Maybe you could make a virgin drink with it or better yet, maybe I’ll never get a leg cramp.
  We’ve had some of the cutest children visit the office this summer. Yesterday, Merle Bolen was in to place a yard sale ad. She had two grands with her and they were little angels.
  We’ve had Alexe van Beuren’s and Kagan Coughlin’s two in several times and also Amos Hervey had his child, Amos Henry, with him a few times. They are all just the cutest kids.
  I love children and it’s always great to see one come through the door.
  Also love dogs, so I must be a good person and children and dogs seem to like me. I’ll get some static on that from Robert Montgomery when he drops by Wednesday afternoon.
  A belated happy birthday to long-time friend, Bobby Poteete, who celebrated on the 4th.

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