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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Had several subscribers call to tell me they were glad to hear from Mrs. Sarah Norris, her brother, Charles “Barry” Bolen and  her sister, Joann Prestage. Others asked if there were still people around who would remember Mrs. Norris. Told them we had many seniors in Water Valley that were still in good shape and remembered everyone and everything. I’m amazed at the knowledge in our fair city. Again, thank you for writing, Mrs. Norris.
  A note came from Marc Jefferson with his subscription renewal. It read: “Ladies and Gents, It’s a pleasure to renew my subscription. I love to read about, and support the local fundraiser for the public school and sports teams. Thanks again for sending me an invoice so quickly. Sincerely, Marc”
  It was good to hear from Mark. We also remember brother, Gary, and his mother, Mrs. Zipporah Jefferson. This is a great family and they are all still subscribers.
  Elsewhere in this edition of the Herald is a story by Community Band Director Butch Stevens, who is taking over where Charter Director Stan Crow left off. He has some big shoes to fill, but I know Butch will rise to the occasion and I do appreciate him.
  Butch says we need more musicians in the band and I want to join him in urging anyone who plays an instrument to join this group. For many years I made most of the rehearsals and I had a great time—know those playing did, also.
  It takes a little time, but the satisfaction you get out of it as a player, and more importantly the joy you give to those of us in your audiences, makes it so worthwhile. Wish I could play an instrument, but I’ll be content to just be a supporter of your playing.
  Butch says the band especially needs trombones, clarinets and flutes, but they’ll be delighted to have players of any instruments join them.
  The band will play at the opening ceremony for the Watermelon Carnival and I’m looking forward to hearing them.
  Just finished lunch at the BTC. Tyler Hill, Chamber of Commerce President, came in and we began discussing the upcoming Watermelon Carnival.
  Told him we were really getting busy now, getting the Carnival Special Edition together. We agreed that Watermelon Carnival had slipped up on us this year. It’s right here—just two weeks away. Sounds like it’s going to be an exciting event again this year—as it always is.
  Know lots of work goes into the Carnival each year and I do appreciate all those those who help get it together. We all enjoy it.
  I missed the carnival last year—only one I’ve missed since the first one of the second generation carnivals. Didn’t make the first ones—was a little young for them and I didn’t even live in the Valley.
  Entertainment for several of the early years featured the Navy Bands out of Millington and they were great. However, all entertainment through the years has been very good.
  I’m looking forward to the Town and Country Garden Club’s Music Fest, which is always great. I think one of the things that makes it so good is it’s in cooled air. Just kidding—the entertainment on this program is always top-notch.
  We’ve had great weather for the past few weekends, but I’m sure it will heat up for Carnival Weekend. Even with the heat we’ll get out there and enjoy visiting, eating, and the entertainment.
  After Tyler left, the couple sitting across from me came over and introduced themselves. They were Mr. and Mrs. Larry Swindoll from Cullman, Ala. Hearing the Swindoll name of course I asked if they were related to the late Tillett Swindoll. Found that Mr. Tillett was Larry’s uncle. Told him Ed and I loved Mr. Tillett and not just for the wonderful watermelons he brought us all summer long. Both Mr. and Mrs. Tillett Swindoll were wonderful folks and good friends.
  Then I went on to tell Larry that I not only knew his uncle, but also knew another uncle and lots of his cousins very well. As a matter of fact one cousin, Shirley Dell Swindoll Kennedy and I were classmates for 12 years at Crowder High School. Our class is having a reunion Friday night and I hope Shirley Dell and her husband, Gene, will be there—can’t wait to tell her I met her cousin.
  Also knew his aunts, Mrs. Zula Gray, who was a member of Camp Ground Church and kept the nursery when Jim was a baby; and Mrs. Eva Church, who was our next door neighbor for several years. Just had lots of connections to Larry.
  Also, shared with them that Ed and I had visited Cullman several times. We enjoyed visiting the museum there and also touring the Groto.
  I’d missed the fact that a tornado had hit Cullman a couple of years ago. They said that extensive damage was done to the city and that lots of it has not yet been repaired.
  They were here to visit his parents’ graves. I don’t think any of the Swindoll family is left in the Valley.
  Best thing I had to eat over the weekend were Joey Hastings’ peaches. This is the second weekend I’ve munched on these and they just get better and better. Peaches have always been my favorite fruit and I think this year’s are some of the best I’ve ever had. We have eaten them plain, made short cake, pies, and hopefully will get some home-made ice cream this weekend. If Jim reads this he may fly in—peach ice cream is his favorite.
  Bo had chicken enchalitas for me Thursday night and Mom and I had a pot of “clean out the fridge” vegetable soup on Friday. Ate tomato sandwiches on Saturday—tomatoes were provided by Steve Ford and they are delicious.
  Bo’s tomatoes are beginning to ripen so maybe we’ll have sandwiches for a while—I could live on them all summer long.
  Many have asked about the dozer. It got repaired and the ditch bank and tree removal projects were completed.
  The only bad part of this project is it left several hawks without their nest. They just have to soar over where they used to live. However, there are plenty of trees in the area, so maybe they’ll build new homes.
  Listening to the weather news all weekend, I was amazed that the forecasters fail to realize that a bright sunny day is not always a great forecast. If you are as dry as we were last week, a great forecast is cloudy, with lots of rain. They really do need to stay in contact with what is needed in their coverage area.

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