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Tittle Tales

Making Memories And YouTube Videos

By Amy Tittle

This past week was eventful in the Tittle household…as normal. While I am busy unpacking boxes and trying to wave my magic wand around and magically find places to put and organize things, my older two children decided to find some thing to keep them busy after their chores.
My eldest son has been fishing since he could walk. Recently he has started working on perfecting his cast and creating his own custom lures. After several failing attempts to correctly cast his bait caster in our driveway and not getting anywhere, I told him I would help him find a instructional video on how to properly cast. So, needless to say, I went directly to YouTube.
After watching several instructional videos on casting his bait caster, he immediately ran outside to our front driveway and we stayed there until dark perfecting it.  He was also inspired to make his own video showing how to make a custom deep diving shad spin (his own invention). I have to say I was quite impressed by his clear instruction and timeliness in the video. We just may put it on YouTube…maybe. Now, its time for him and his daddy to go try it out on the water and bring home dinner.
My daughter, aka the animal lover, has recently adopted a new kitten. She has been at it for weeks wanting to adopt or buy a little kitten and was very persistent in her asking and appeals to Matt and me.
So, finally last week, Miss B. who works at Valley Lumber was so sweet to give us one of her baby kittens to add to our family. My daughter and my other two kids were thrilled to have another animal to love and play with. Shortly after bringing her home, bathing her, administering flea meds, lots of food and water, warm blankets, she decided that the new kitten needed a toy. I told her to use her imagination and directed her to my sewing scraps and sewing desk.
A little later she brought my phone to me and showed me that she had made an instructional video on how to make a homemade DIY cat toy.
Unbelievable, the events at my house never cease to surprise me. There’s something new always coming from somewhere. Her video was informal, very clever and comical at the same time; I may post this one on YouTube also.
My youngest son (four-years-old) has not yet figured out how to construct and produce an instructional video. But, by the looks of things I’m sure he’s not far behind my older two following in their footsteps. So hopefully if you happen to see these homemade instructional videos on YouTube, they will helpful to you in some way, whether it be making your own custom lure or making homemade DIY cat toys.

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