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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

A new exhibit opened at the Univer-sity Museum in Oxford last weekend to a large crowd of enthusiastic viewers.
The Intimate Landscape of Rowan Oak: Photographs by Ed Croom showcases the plants of Faulkner’s private home and landscape. It is a unique take on the often photographed scenery bringing a fresh lens to this beautiful area. This show will appeal to Faulkner lovers and garden enthusiasts alike.
Ed Croom is a botanist, and this is evident in the way he has captured the horticulture of the property near the home. His focus is on the plants and their blooming activity throughout the seasons. There are pictures of beautiful flowering plants in the spring and fantastic images of the land covered in snow as well.
This approach makes the exhibit stand out as it is a new take on an old subject. Croom spent 10 years taking these photos, and it makes a scrapbook of sorts documenting the history of the growing seasons. The images are captivating and really pull the viewer in. Many patrons at the reception were enthusiastic about their appreciation of the work, making the atmosphere a joyful one.
The artist will present a lecture on his work on Sept. 5,  from noon to 1 pm. The exhibit will be up in the museum until Sept. 14th in the Speaker’s Gallery and is free to the public.
The museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday 10 .a.m to 6 p.m.

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