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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 Well, it’s finally here—probably the most anticipated day in the Valley.
  The Watermelon Carn-ival will kick-off with the Town and Country Garden Club sponsored Music Festival Thursday night. Reading the proofs for our Carnival Section yesterday (Monday) I enjoyed seeing all the new talent we’re going to hear this year. One of the acts are daughters of Jammy Berry, daughter of Shirley and Jimmy Berry.
    Looking at the picture, one of the girls is almost like turning back the clock—she looks very much like her Mom. Jammy came to the office with Shirley from the time she was pre-school—we literally watched her grow up. She evolved from a very cute little girl to a beautiful young woman‚—always talented. She and her Mom sang from the time she was very small—I have tapes to prove it. Have enjoyed listening to them through the years. Can’t wait to hear this third generation.
  Also, remember when Karen and Brad were making room for Sam Van Winkle. They cleaned out the dining room to make him a nursery–—seems like yesterday. Now he’s a young man, following in his father’s footprints. Always enjoyed Brad’s singing, especially his original songs. I’m sure Sam and brother, Brody, will be excellent musicians. Also, enjoyed the third generation of this family—not as a musician.     I have a little wooden train on my bookshelf made by Mr. Rip—the only piece of his work I have left. Through the years I bought many of Mr. Rip’s toys (I’m a child at heart), but through the years as children have visited in our home and played with these wonderful toys I’ve given them away. Was a joy to be able to share Mr. Rip’s work with them—know they’ve enjoyed them, too.
  Always look forward to hearing the Sharecroppers and it was good to hear that they  have new members. I’m still looking for a replacement saxophone for them—do miss hearing Ed.
  Every member of this group is an excellent musician. Have enjoyed hearing Clay play since he was a young teen, Jessey for almost 50 years, and Daryl for a lot (can’t remember how many) of years and the others for the nine years since Ed played with them.
  Thursday night, I know we’ll all hear some great music.
  The list of vendors sounded interesting. I didn’t get to attend the carnival last year, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s available.
  Also, want to see the antique cars at Odie’s show. Old cars are an attraction that I’ve always enjoyed. Remember when the Mid-South Fair use to have a great antique vehicle exhibit?
    That was a few years ago!
  Another exciting event on Saturday will be touring the new brewery. An added feature of this will be tasting one of their new root beers I’ve listened with interest to the explanations of this brewing process—don’t have a clue as to what I’ve been told, but it sounds great. I’m a show-me girl, so maybe when I see it I’ll understand.
  We attended a 70th birthday party Saturday night for Brother Rance. The affair was held at Brother Don’s and his wife, Gina’s, home in Batesville. Attending were folks from Batesville, Oxford, Senatobia, Water Valley and other areas.
    Most of them wanted to talk about the things going on in the Valley and many of them said they’re coming to visit.
  The brewery was top of the list of things they wanted to see. I told them as much as I could about it and invited them to come on over. I can introduce them to Amos and Andy and they can enlighten these visitors.
  Rance was entering the new decade gracefully. His birthday is actually the 28th, so when they would wish him a Happy 70th, he’d look at his watch and reply—not for four more hours.
  He got several cute gifts. One was a plaque that admonished him to LAUGH, made from discarded iron equipment—a horse shoe, door knob, ect. This came from the William Correros (Julie is Gina’s sister).  William for many years officiated football games in our area, later being elevated to the SEC.
  Brother Bo gave Rance a new axe. Bo says that every time they need an axe they have to go buy one—Rance looses tools. Bo says he’s going to find a chain and lock to fasten it to Rance’s hand. He’s probably wasting his time—brother will find a way to misplace the thing.
  Robert Montgomery, whom I’ve not mentioned in a few weeks, was by last Wednesday (comes most Wednesdays). He was chiding me for mentioning other Herald visitors and slighting him. Told him that I couldn’t write about him, because if I told any of the tales he shared we’d both land in jail. My solution was that he’d get column space when he brought me something good to eat. Told Jimmie about this and she says, “Yea, tell him it has to be a lot—at least enough to share with me.” She does like his chow-chow.
  When we came home Saturday night, Bo and Carolyn were a few minutes behind Mom, Jimmie and me. They saw a couple of herds of deer in the yard—near the driveway. I didn’t see a thing. I commented that I’d not seen deer on the Water Valley/Pope Road or on Hwy. 315 in several weeks. Spoke to soon. Next morning on my way home there was a dead deer on the side of 315 and I saw deer on the Pope/WV Road—guess I’d better slow down.
  It’s hard to believe that school starts next week. Labor Day was the holiday before the beginning of school in my day, now it’s Watermelon Carnival.
  We started a whole month later. My senior year we actually had a nine-month session and we began the day after Labor Day and graduated on May 16th. Covered all material in our books and did lots of extra curricular activities. The first 11 years of my schooling we attended eight month session and still covered the entire assignments.
  Hope everyone enjoys Watermelon Carnival weekend and also hope teachers and students have a great school year.

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