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Tittle Tales

Slice The Melon And Let The Festivities Begin

By Amy Tittle

Lots of exciting buzzing going on around our house due to the fact that both Matt’s family and mine are coming up to celebrate the annual Watermelon Carnival. My parents will arrive at the beginning of the week and Matt’s will be here on Thursday.
I was reminiscing on their last trip up; both visits were quite different but so helpful and fun. We are so thankful for family willing to help in time of need. Matt parents, Ronnie and Linda Tittle helped us pack up and move from Oxford into our Water Valley home on Memorial Day weekend this year. Besides fighting with our enormous sectional–trying to get it in the front door in one piece and without a scratch, and unloading our entire house into a new one, we had a great time and were able to show them a couple of our favorite spots here.
The day before they headed back to Florida, Matt’s parents spotted a small turtle in the middle of our street, I was able to serve as a turtle advocate and rescue the small, shelled creature crossing the road. The family chuckled and teased me for my compassionate animal zeal.     I encouraged the children to transfer it somewhere safely and so we did. Our turtle rescue did not last long but was a fun learning experience for our whole family.
My parents, Rhonda and Joey Moulder, came up the first week of June this year to finish helping us get moved in and visit. We showed them around this great town and took them to eat at many of the local places. They loved it and hope to one day be a part of this great community. While they were here, they also helped us get our little Tittle Farm up and running. They bought three chickens, one for each of my kids, so we could have fresh eggs daily. They also got my kids a pygmy nanny goat that is expecting twins this August. How exciting!
One of the days they were here we were busy working on a fence along the side of our yard so the goat couldn’t escape. We decided to take a break and resume the fence after lunch. Before we knew it we had a Water Valley policeman standing on my porch telling me that my goat was on my neighbors front porch. A little awkward at first, but I was able to meet someone on the force and my sweet neighbor, Marsha. As I apologized it would never happen again I explained about my fence that was in progress and almost done.         Needless to say that fence was done in no time after that. Thank you, Dad!
This visit with both sets of parents will hopefully be more relaxed and exciting in festive ways. My father-in-law, Ronnie, will have his Vemma business tent here during the festival this weekend, so stop by and say hi.
My Mother, Rhonda, is planning on participating in the run, so we are thrilled to support our family in this year’s festival here in the great Valley. Both the Moulders and Tittles are excited to be here and help celebrate this exciting festival with this historical community.
When it comes to festivals, Water Valley knows how to celebrate. Hope to see you all there.

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