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Tittle Tales

Neighborly Help Shows Strength Of Community

By Amy Tittle

Let me start by saying the Watermelon Carnival this year was a huge hit for the locals and out-of-town guests. Despite the heat, my parents and husband’s parents, sister, nieces and nephew had a great time–Water Valley style. The band, food and fireworks ended another great year of this unique festival. The vendors, rides and tours added much excitement to our experience to the festivities this weekend. After a long but fun day at the carnival, my family and I retreated to my house to polish off some iced watermelon and settle in for the night.
When the festival ended our adventure began. The next morning Matt, our kids, my parents and I headed out on a new adventure to Arkansas to pick up two quarter ponies. I have and have always had a very special bond and love for horses. My children also share that same love, compassion and interest as well. So with all that being said, our journey began. A big thank you to Miss B., who works at Valley Lumber, for so graciously letting me borrow her horse trailer to complete my pony adventure and other times I have needed it.
We arrived in Arkansas at the farm to pick up the ponies, loaded them and headed back to the great Valley. We first unloaded the four-month-old colt, Boston. It seemed like within a minute’s time he flew over the fence and dashed away down the road. When I got the news he had gotten out, we began immediately hunting for him in the direction that the locals said they had seen him. After going to the Water Valley police station and contacting animal control and asking as many people as possible to look out for him, we decided to start looking in the nearby woods. My neighbor finally spotted him in an open field, not to far away.
 Our new found acquaintance, Jim Caulder, and his brother helped us out and eventually called Scott Person and his daughter Annie to bring their loyal mare, Sugar, for bait.
After searching the deep backwoods in the dark, Boston finally showed himself dashing towards Sugar. Scott grabbed Boston by his halter and tied him to a lead and we left the woods with colt safely in hand. My husband and I are deeply touched and blown away by the way the people in this community are so willing to help and expect nothing in return. Help and support like this speaks volume. It really is what holds this town together and will never be forgotten.
First, thank you to my husband, dad and father-in-law for searching relentlessly.  To my mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, thank you for watching the kids all day and night while we hunted our missing colt.         Much gratitude is felt towards the Water Valley Police Department for your help and support in the search for little Boston. To my neighbors Ronnie Dickey, Jim Caulder and his brother and especially to Scott Person and his very sweet daughter, Annie, and their horse, Sugar, for coming out in the dark woods to help rescue our baby colt.         My family and I are so thankful and appreciate everyone involved. We will never forget our first experience in the dark woods of Mississippi and the unconditional help from the people who live here and build this strong community.

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