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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

I often feel that in daily life, stress can creep in quickly amongst all the chores, errands and work duties. Sometimes it is nice to de-stress, and you can get a little mini escape by doing some art.             
I was recently teaching sewing at John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina, and one of my students mentioned that sewing was better than therapy.
I was flattered, but I also know that it is not just about my teaching abilities. There is something therapeutic about creating something. Making things can soothe the soul. Cooking and baking, weaving, drawing, doodling, and painting can all make a difference in your outlook towards life.
I am not sure what it is about the act of making art or crafting that makes one feel good, but I know that it does. Getting in the zone of creating can be a relaxing way to release tension and worry.  Many people realize this, and the popularity of crafting is evident that this is true. A form of doodling called Zentangles has recently become very popular, and many of its practitioners swear by the meditative qualities of doodling.
Connecting to the therapeutic qualities of making art can be done by not worrying so much about the product but by just enjoying the process. So get out those paints or needles and let go of all of your cares.
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