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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Football season is almost here and last week Trent Howell brought by an interesting piece of history related to Blue Devil Football. It’s a football program from Friday, October 27, 1950. The Blue Devils played the Calhoun City Wildcats. and the program cost a whole dime.
  Team members were: backs,  Pug Bell, 147 pounds, J. H. Baker, 138 pounds, Bobby Poteete, 165 pounds, Dean McMillan, 145 pounds, Hubert Long, 154 pounds, James Long, 140 pounds, M. Barron, 130 pounds, Glenn Barron, 160 pounds, Gerald Griffin, 118 pounds, Gaylon Booker, 115 pounds, Lee Goar, 135 pounds, J. B. Bell, 113 pounds, Bob Brooks, 115 pounds, Charlie Appleton, 130 pounds, Arthur Mc-Cluskey, 132 pounds, Joe Pegram, 115 pounds, Bud-die Walker, and Bobby Bell, 136 pounds;
    Centers, Jimmie Walker, 125 pounds, Billy Larson, 161 pounds, Ronnie Nichols, 165 pounds, and Pat Wallace, 150 pounds;
    Guards, Gerald Wright, 115 pounds, Kenneth Brown, 155 pounds, Bobby McCullar, 160 pounds, Ralph Mitchell, 160 pounds, Bobby Roane, 155 pounds, Luther Nolan, 140 pounds, and Golie Mize, 148 pounds;
    Tackles, James Larson, 205 pounds, Shelby Knight, 170 pounds, Ed Shearer, 180 pounds, Billy Tatum, 143 pounds, Leo Reed, 136 pounds, How-ard Barton, 120 pounds, Jimmie Langford, 130 pounds, Don Brown, 120 pounds, Tom Swearengen, no weight listed, and Billy Samuels, 130  pounds;
    Ends, Houston Good-man, 165 pounds, J. C. Anthony, 178 pounds, Jimmy Gean, 149 pounds, Edwin Snider, 126 pounds, and Johnnie Crumby, 180 pounds. Managers were Kenneth Martin and Jimmy Holt.
  The cheerleaders were Bobby Mathis, Clara Rose Mays, Joan Taylor, Dorothy  Schmitz, Dale White, Genora Swearen-gen, and Addie Lou Hayles.
  Advertisers were: Grand Theater; Gregory’s Store; Bank of Water Valley; Pilkington Chev-rolet Co., Inc.; Nolen’s Grocery; Johnny McDon-ald Grocery; Crowson Motors; Carter’s Service Station; French Drug Co.; McCullar-Suratt Co.; Tur-nage Drug Store; West Side Grocery; The Mechanics Savings Bank; Peoples Wholesale Co.; Berry Bros. Grocery; Berry’s  Super Service; Parker’s Ben Franklin Store; Bennie’s Place; Taylor’s Grocery; Trusty Hardware; Bob Halliwell Men’s Wear; Rusk 5&10c Store; Model Cleaners; Crumby’s Service Station; Blue Note Cafe; M. & M. Gulf Service; Deluxe Beauty & Barber Shop; Blackmur Hotel; Bell-Ste-wart Co.; Ray’s Dry Goods Co.; Lowe’s Drug Store; Blu-Buck Mercantile Co.; H. H. White; Happy’s Dry Cleaners; Jitney Jungle; Thompson’s Studio; Motor Service Co.; Wilbourn Motors; Ed Harris Service Station; Western Auto Associate Store; Pete Green; Hamric Henry; Dunn Funeral Home; and the North Mississippi Herald.
  Only three of these businesses are still in the Valley—Turnage Drug Store, Mechanics Bank, and the Herald. Thanks for sharing this with us Trent. I enjoyed it and I’m sure many of our readers will also.
  Jane Treloar Benton of Little Rock, Ark. called Tuesday to renew her subscription. I certainly enjoyed catching up on where Jane Gray is and what she’s doing. Seemed only yesterday that she was a member of the band’s guard unit and they wore white sailor uniforms.
  In for a short visit Monday were Bill and Carol Haley Gafford of Houston, Texas, along with Maebelle (Sissy) Haley Rutherford. Bill and Carol were here for a visit, to attended the Watermelon Carnival and Bill’s 45-year reunion. It doesn’t seem possible that all those years have flown by. Did enjoy visiting with all of you.
  Robert Montgomery was in Wednesday to bring me a sample of his (actually Agnes’) chili sauce. He had a jar smaller than anything I’ve ever seen. Well, those three bites were really good Robert, and they did get you a mention in the column. However, if I’m going to get to eat a good meal of peas and cornbread, with your sauce, you’d better bring a bigger jar. Jimmy said it was not even enough for her to get started on.
  A note from Winfred and Evelyn McCain tells me that they celebrated their 62nd wedding anniversary on August 3 in Shoreline, Washington. Winfred says he was a member of the WVHS Class of 1950. It was good to hear from the McCains and congratulations on your anniversary.
  A note from long-time subscriber, Margie Gill of Oxford, expresses appreciation to  us for sending the Herald each week. She states that it’s great reading the news and that we’re great at all our write ups. Margie, thanks for the kind words and thanks for subscribing.
  Forgot one important bit of Watermelon Carnival fun. Faye and I were walking down the street after our tour of the brewery, when I heard someone yell, “Hey Betty Jane!”  Knew it was either a family member or a high school classmate. Looked everywhere and did not see a familiar face.
    Assumed there must be two Betty Janes. Well, they were addressing me. Brother Bo, Carolyn, Misty, and Briley caught us at The Velvet Glove. Misty says, “You don’t even stop to speak to your favorite great nephew.” Briley is a favorite.
    He called me  Betty early in his life and he’ll play ball with me and even shares some of his toys—now I must be a favorite aunt.
  Big event in the Kilgore family this weekend was Mom’s 99th birthday party. She had all her children, their spouses, six of her seven grands and several spouses, and several great-grands with her. Also present were her two nephews on the Hubbard side of the family and one niece and two great nephews on the Kilgore side.
  Made pictures with Mom and her children, then with the grands, and finally the great-grands. Then her with each family group. After they’d left we realized that all the Hubbard cousins were present and we didn’t make a picture. Her six kids, her oldest sister’s lone living child (three are no longer with us), and her youngest sister’s son are it. Mom had one brother but he had no children.
  Food was plentiful and fellowship was great.
  After church Sunday, we again gathered at the Cole home to eat leftovers. The only child present then was 7-month-old Caroline (Misty and Michael Cole’s baby) and she was the center of attention. It was so much fun just to sit and watch her play. She is a good baby and even though she was so sleepy, she played on. She had not napped the day before, nor on Sunday, but was still smiling and playing late in the afternoon.
  From reports by teachers and students the school year is off to a good start. We wish everyone an exciting and fun session.

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