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Arrests Push ‘Hotel’ Over Capacity

Henderson, Coleman

By David Howell

WATER VALLEY–The head count at the Yalobusha County hotel swelled to 33 this weekend.
    That’s inmates at the Yalobusha County jail after deputies had a successful haul during weekend traffic stops and driver’s license checkpoints, along with the normal arrests and guests.
    The weekend activity was all either alcohol or drug related and started Friday night with a driver’s license checkpoint on County Road 228 in northwest Yalobusha County, according to Sheriff Lance Humphreys.
    Larry Coleman of Crowder was charged with possession of powder cocaine after deputies discovered a baggie of the alleged substance in his lap.
    Darren Johnson of Courtland was arrested at the checkpoint on County Road 228 and charged with DUI, first offense.
    Jeffrey Sanford of Courtland was arrested at the same checkpoint and charged with DUI, first offense. His arrest marked the third at the checkpoint and it was only around 10 p.m.
    Other Courtland residents must have also been looking for Yalobusha hospitality, as deputies arrested two more at a checkpoint on Hwy. 32 near Oakland early Saturday morning, Aug. 17. Reginald Henderson and Randy Brassell, both of Courtland, were each charged with possession of controlled substance, crack cocaine.
    The alleged crack cocaine was discovered in the cupholder, according to deputy Thomas West.
    “They claimed a female occupant had left the substance in the vehicle after riding with the two men earlier that evening,” West told the Herald.
    The Panola County sheriff’s department also had an active warrant on Henderson. He will be turned over to Panola after posting bond in Yalobusha County, according to the sheriff.
    Later on Saturday deputies received a tip from the Yalobusha ambulance about a possible drunk driver on Hwy. 7, headed south between Water Valley and Coffee-ville.
    Thankfully deputies were able to stop the driver around the Multi-purpose Building before the ambulance was needed in its official capacity.
    Derrick Har-bin of Oxford was charged with DUI, 1st offense, no driver’s license and careless driving.
    “This was a good tip. The driver was extremely intoxicated and posed a serious risk on the highway,” Humphreys reported. Harbin was taken to the jail without incident after launching a little profanity at one deputy on the scene.
    With the jail only designed for 24 occupants, Humphreys said it was well over capacity during the busy weekend. By mid-day Monday, the inmate count was down to 29.
    “We had folks in the halls,” Humphreys told the Herald.

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