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Tittle Tales

Planning Starts Early For Wedding Cake

By Amy Tittle

Hope everyone’s week has been good and beneficial, and all the little ones who started school have found friends and comfort in their classrooms.
The weather this past week here in north Mississippi has been wonderfully refreshing and has definitely got my mind and taste buds in gear for the fall. As I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, I try to always include my eight-year-old daughter to assist me. She loves to help and be included in the kitchen. I feel it’s a value she will need as she grows and hopefully one day has a family to cook for. Often times I will bake something sweet and have been recently giving that job to my daughter. She does a great job and enjoys every minute–from cracking the eggs, measuring out the oil,  to even cleaning up the kitchen when she is done.
This past week we decided to bake brownies, which are a favorite around our house, and top them off with white, whipped, fluffy icing. I told her after she was done baking and cleaning up we were going to run up to the store to grab a couple items we needed.
As I stood there to watch her ice the brownies, she stated,  “Momma, maybe we should go ahead and pick up my wedding cake mix since we are going there because one day we are going to need it to make my wedding cake. Then we could just save it and have it when it’s time, that would save us a trip to the store.”
After I pulled myself together from hysterically laughing myself into tears, she looked very puzzled at me. I began to explain the way you precede in ordering a cake from a bakery in most typical cases. I explained that you really pay for how delicious the cake is and how beautifully hand crafted decorated they are. She thought the idea was insane to order from a bakery that cost so much when you could simply bake right there at your own home. She never seems to disappoint me in the humor category of life. It’s amazing how a child’s simple way of thinking can often be so renewing and comical at the same time.
 I told her to just think about it and that she had plenty of time to decide and prepare for the “big day.” She was satisfied with my response and went along her way with wedding cake plans in her little mind. So I’m assuming her plans for buying cake mix for her wedding cake could possibly change in the future by the looks on her face as she left me thinking about it.
 Later that evening when Matt and the boys came back from their weekly fishing trip, I told him our little girl’s plan for her wedding cake. He smiled as I told him our conversation and we both agreed that we hope when the day comes for her to make wedding plans, she will still keep it simple and love every minute.
Our prayer and hope is that each of our children will find the person God has chosen for them and that we will be able to support and celebrate with them when that time comes, even if it means keeping the wedding cake simply homemade.

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