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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Made it to Sylva Rena Wednesday morning in time to sell Snookie a paper in the parking lot. Those Williams boys are getting hungry earlier and earlier. I know I was there not much past 6:30 and they had eaten, fellowshipped and were on their way to start the day’s activities.
  I got back to the Valley and actually remembered to take some papers to B.T.C. Had promised Alexe earlier in the week that I’d bring her some on Wednesday morning. We now have papers at Sprint Mart, Larson’s, Water Valley Food and Gas Mart, Water Valley Gas Mart, Shell Express Mart, Park and Shop, Herald Office, and in vending machines in front of the old Herald office and in the north end in front of the old grocery store.
  We’re glad to have Mel back and in better health. She had to have some tests last Thursday and got good reports. That family has had a time—Husband Del had to have a tooth removed, but he’s doing better now, and some of the children have also had health problems. We’re glad they’re all doing better.
  Thursday, Bo “Mama sat” while I attended bridge club. Jimmie was the hostess and I just went to visit. I haven’t played in so long I have almost forgotten how. I team played with my favorite partner, Hilda Broom. When we play together I bid and she plays. If you’re not playing the hand you tend to bid rather recklessly. Well, Thursday night, Hilda got such bad hands, that even I backed down on my bidding. She had from two to seven or eight points all night—my kind of hands.
    Even with all this though, we just laughed and enjoyed ourselves immensely. This group of ladies is so much fun to be with.
  I was glad to see Sara Russo, wife of our former defensive coach, Richard Russo. Sara says Richard misses the Valley and his boys, but is enjoying the head coaching position at Independence. Told her that we missed him, also.
  I got a prize and did not even have to win. Jimmie had bought me some locking storage containers and they are great, also a bright red dish draining towel, which is wonderful. I hate to drag out a dish rack, and with this you just spread it out, put the dishes on it and they drain. Then hang it over the oven door handle and let it dry.     My kitchen decor is red, so it just brightens up the room, in addition to being very useful.
  Usually I help her a  little with the bridge party, but this time I barely got there. She had to cook all the food and did a great job, and also had to buy all the gifts. I’ll try to do better next time—but it sure was fun just to go.
  Critters on the road are getting worse. Each time I cross there are dead snakes (good), rabbits, squirrels, deer, armadillos (good), skunks, raccoons, beavers, turtles, and even birds. Also see many live animals, some of which I just barely miss, including dogs, cats, ducks, chickens and  turkeys. Coming home Sunday morning there was a chipmunk crossing in front of me. They are so cute, but I know better than to try and catch one—they will eat your fingers up.
  Saturday the boys were running the dozer. Mom and I were watching TV—I’d finished my chores for the day. We heard a loud boom and it was thunder. The thunder came before the lightening—not really, but we heard it before we saw any lightening. Then the sky lit up and Mom, even though she’s almost blind, says, “Boy, that was some lightening strike.”     It was and it continued for several minutes, with the thunder, which hurt your ears, following each strike. The rain came down in torrents. The sheets of water were criss-crossing, coming out of both the southeast and northwest. Rain was so hard that I couldn’t see Bo’s and Carolyn’s house, which is only about a football field’s length away. Bo’s gauge recorded an inch and a half and it came down so hard it cut gullies in the driveway. I was glad that I did not have to go  home until Sunday morning, when we had bright sunshine.
  Earlier Saturday, I’d cut off 24 ears of corn. Cooked 12 and put them in the freezer and the other 12 for eating on Sunday. Jimmie came in and says, “What are we having for lunch tomorrow?” Told her corn and cornbread. She thought that would be fine, but begged me to cook some peas to go with it—she wanted to eat some more of Robert Montgomery’s Chili Sauce.
    It is good stuff. I did a little better than that. I put roast in the crock pot overnight and Rance cooked some fresh green beans and fried some okra. I also made a cake, which we ate with fresh peaches. Then on the other half I spread some of my easy carmel icing, which  I’d stirred up. This icing just takes a few minutes and it is good.
  Also experimented with some lime fluff, to save some bananas that were getting over ripe. I used sugar free lime jello, which I whipped, then added Cool Whip. Put half in the pan, sliced on some bananas, and covered the top with the other half of the fluff.
    It was good. Well, great niece, Caroline, and I thought so. I had gotten a bowl and Caroline was eying it so I gave her a taste. She licked her lips and wanted more. Gave her a couple more bites, but was afraid to give her more since it was her first time for this dessert. I finally had to put the bowl down and pick her up. She kept smacking her lips and motioning with her hands that she wanted more.
    This child is only seven months old—she’s going to be an eater. Jimmie says she likes mashed potatoes, mashed up peas and lima beans. She does not like baby food peas or green beans. Jimmie had the proof—she fed them to Caroline and they’d been spit right back at her. Can’t blame her—those things taste awful.
  I was holding her and Mom says, “Let me hold her.” I did, but never let go, because she is so strong and heavy. However, Mom certainly enjoyed her visit with this great-grand. They just talked and laughed with each other. Do believe Mom would be a lot better if she had the great grands around all the time.
  Great-nephew, Briley comes to see her on a regular basis and she enjoys watching him play. He likes to get her walker and she thinks that’s funny.
  When I got to church Sunday morning, I was glad to hear the Blue Devils won.
  They play at home Friday night, so get out and cheer for them—wish I  could. Game time is 7 p.m.

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