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Jumper’s Chapel Celebrates 128 Years

By Charles Cooper

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a good week.
Sunday, Aug. 18, I had the pleasure to attend services at Jumper’s Chapel for the first time in over 15 years. It was great to renew friendships with Brother Joel Jones, who  I haven’t seen since he preached mother’s funeral in April, 1989. He told me he had just completed 28 years as their pastor.   
He has done a great job, as the size of the crowd attested.
Long time friend Charlie Holloway told me he had been attending for over 12 years and introduced me to his nephew, Jim Holloway, who is the son of Ducky and Mary Katherine Clark-Holloway.
Mary Katherine was the daughter of Blu Clark, the long time fire marshall. Her mother died when she was a baby and she  was   raised by her grandmother, Mary Clark, who was Nannie Badley’s first cousin.
They were a  fine family and I was glad to get to know Jim and learn he is also a part of the congregation.  
Long time friend, Hubert Sanders, and the Praise Band do a great job providing the music and the church is lucky to have them.  They all invited me to the homecoming this past weekend, Sunday, Aug. 25. Lupe and I were there.  
The Associate Pastor, Bobby Jones, delivered an inspiring message.  After the service Phyllis Goodwin, Phyllis Norwood and the other ladies of the church served a delicious buffet and it was a great day.  
Since they didn’t relate much of the church history, I though that I would include parts of an interview with Nannie Badley by Ova Bagguley. Nannie told the story with no notes and all from memory.
Jumper’s Chapel was organized in 1885 about one mile southeast of Spring-dale on the farm of W.G. Jumper in a large cotton house. The first pastor, A. B. Fly preached the dedication sermon and gave the church the name Jumper’s Chapel in honor or W. G. Jumper, who was instrumental in organizing the church.  
Later, a larger building was constructed and the church soon had a large membership consisting of the Hunter, Winters, Stewart and Baldwin families along with several others.  
At the beginning of the 20th Century many members had died or moved away, so it was decided to move the church to a more central location. In 1901 it was moved to its present location and a new building was constructed.
In 1919  they constructed the building that served until the early 1950s.  
During this period the membership included the McMinn, Goodwin, Bynum, French, Hughes, Badley and Bagguley families, among others.  
Some of the pastors  who served over the years were: J. A. McKibbon, J. A. Stovall, J. L. Jefferson, R. C. Kennedy, J. J. Hunter, Joe Ingram, J. A. Cook, Ray Scott, and R. E. Collins.  
My grandmother, Anna Jumper Badley, was 17 when the church was founded and one of the youngest members. She lived to be the oldest member at the time of her death in 1955.  
As the fourth generation descendant of the founder, it is with humility and love that this column is dedicated to all of these members of Jumper’s Chapel who served so faithfully over the last 128 years.  
My email address is not set up yet so as soon as it is up and running you can email at the same address, or you can write me at P.O. Box 613189 Memphis, TN 38101 and have a great week.

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