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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

    Normal topics of conversation on my Wednes-day morning paper delivery route are headlines in the current Herald. Not so last week. Everyone wanted to discuss the story that just missed deadline (happened about six o’clock). We’d just sent the paper to press, when I went down to Larsons to pick up a few things I needed to get started cooking for Sunday’s big day at Woodland Hills. Normally I don’t visit the grocery on Tuesday evening—I go directly home and become a couch potato for a couple of hours, before getting a bowl of soup, a shower and the bed.
  As I was checking out, the hot story of the week was taking place right across South Main. Looked out and smoke was billowing from Sonic. Out in the parking lot you could see flames coming from the building.
    My first thought, as it always is with a fire, are all the people out and safe? The report was that they were, but there was extensive damage to the building and equipment. I was so sorry for this, as the business had recently undergone a major renovation.
  Management of Sonic will be interested and pleased with the many comments that I heard during the morning, though. They included, “What will I served my family for dinner on half-price burger night?”or  “I will so miss Happy Hour” and “Don’t you just love the nightly ice cream treat bargains?” or my favorite, “I may starve, because I’ll have to get dressed to go get food.”
    Apparently many people do enjoy eating at Sonic on a regular basis. I rarely get to, but when I have I’ve also enjoyed it. When Jim was here in the spring, he introduced me to a chicken sandwich that I really liked, along with their onion rings, which are delicious. And Jimmie and I have always taken advantage of happy hour when we happened to be in town at the right time, getting a Route 44 Lemonade Slush—they are delicious. All of us are sorry that Sonic will be down for a while, but wish them a speedy renovation.
  Pictures are included in this week’s edition.
  Most of my week was spent at the church or in the kitchen.
  On Monday night I was at the church for several hours setting up tables and pressing tablecloths.  Then Tuesday night I cooked cheesecakes—these can be made well in advance. They’ll stay fresh in the fridge for up to a week or more and can be frozen for six  months or more—great make ahead dessert.
  Then Wednesday night it was back to tablecloths before and after prayer meeting to get ready for Sunday’s anniversary celebration.
  We continue our study of Revelation and it grows more interesting each week. Everyone is invited to join us—we begin at 6:30.
  On my way to grocery shop late Thursday afternoon I noticed the football team, cheerleaders and others already gathering at the bandstand, getting ready for the first pep rally of the year. These are hosted by Main Street Association and those I got to attend last year were well attended. I was sorry that I could not stay for the event Thursday night, but my turn to sit with mom would not permit this.
  From the crowd already gathered as I came back up the street, I’m sure there was a great turn out and I know everyone had a good time.
  Expected the Blue Devils to take the Railroad Trophy Friday night, but it’s always great to get that confirmation when I arrive at church Sunday morning. We don’t get results of Water Valley football at Moms—she only gets Memphis, and the areas surrounding it, news. Last year, for some reason, they took Channel 9 off her cable lineup.
  As always, Bo had cooked a great supper, which I enjoyed much, and too much of. He had cooked biscuits and I ate the left overs for breakfast until they ran out. Found that I could make excellent bacon or sausage, egg and biscuits.
  Jimmie and I have a house renovation project, I just have to find Steve and get him on board. If he reads this he may avoid me. Mom’s little house only has one bathroom and it’s way too small for handicapped accessibility. We never bathe her without two people being present—in the close space it would be impossible for one person to get her up if she fell.
  We have a slab that was poured many years ago for a planned addition, we assume. Neither of us can remember for what. However, we think it will be perfect for an added bath. A window in Mom’s bedroom can be easily turned into a door and we think you can get water from either the existing bath or an outside faucet nearby.
    Now if Steve agrees that this is possible we’re in business. We also think that the slab is enough lower than the existing house to allow the plumbing to go between the slab and a new floor.
  Our 13th anniversary celebration at Woodland Hills went well. Bro. Lynn Jones, our new pastor, brought a timely sermon and Patti, Sammie, Barbara and the choir presented beautiful special music. There was excellent attendance, great fellowship, and an abundance of delicious food.
  Monday being Labor Day, most folks had a holiday. Not the Herald staff. We, as we do every Monday, labored. We got most of our work done before noon though, so we did get a half day off. I’ve never had a holiday, so I really didn’t know what to do with myself. Went home, ate a sandwich, washed dishes and clothes, and watched TV.
    There was a Walton marathon playing and I enjoy this family, so I watched most of the afternoon, while waiting for clothes and dishes to dry—folded clothes and put up dishes during commercials.
  Cried though several incidents in these shows. Haven’t cried much in a lots of years, but our families, and the things that have happened to different members of the characters in this show are so similar to my family that it brought tears. Then there were also the happy, funny events, so I got to laugh a lot too.
  Good luck to the Blue Devils Friday night as they meet the Calhoun City Wildcats on Bobby Clark Field.
      If you have not yet noticed your current Farm Bureau Country magazine, pick it up and read it. Cover photo is Yalobusha’s own Coley Bailey, Jr. We’re so proud of all the folks from Yalobusha County, who are excellent farmers, and also so involved in Farm Bureau.

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