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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

 The latest scam to descend on the Valley is a big one. One of our subscribers brought it to our attention Monday.
  The instructions are attached to a State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company check on JP Morgan Chase Bank. It is dated August 30 and is in the amount of $4,685.00.
  The instructions read: Claim No. TT 2464 6P. We are pleased to bring this official notice which confirms that you are a 2nd prize winner in the second category of the US Departmental Stores Sweepstake Lottery held on August 10, 2013. The serial number 3549 attached to your name matched the first lucky winners, and you subsequently won US$250,000.
  Coast Financial Services has been assigned by the sweepstake organization to inform all winners and pay them their money. Your payment will be made by a certified check, which will be delivered to you by our special courier company UPS or FedEx.
  Enclosed is a check in the amount of 4,685, which is deducted from your total winning and is to help you pay for the documentation and tax fees and this is  payable to your Tax Agent Names. Tax Fee: $3,400. Payment method: Western Union/Money Gram. It goes on to tell the tax agent’s name and how to avoid misappropriation and mishandling of the money.
  The bottom line is that if you deposit the check in your account it takes several days for your bank to discover it is no good (could be for several reasons) and in the mean time you have given them a MoneyGram that is just like handing them cash money—and you are out $3400.
  Bottom line is you don’t every get something for nothing. If you receive a similar letter to this one, just toss it in the trash. Or better yet, keep it, and call the Federal Trade Commission, (877) 382-4357, and let them deal with it for you.
  One morning last week Chamber of Commerce Manager Bonnie Cox called to ask if I knew where Silver City was. She’d had a call from a woman who wanted to know where it was in relation to Water Valley.  The lady said that a few years ago a dog had been found between Silver City and Water Valley. I racked my brain, trying to recall any community by this name—none came to mind. Told Bonnie that we had to have more info to help her. Bonnie had the ladies number on her phone and called her back. Reason neither of us had heard of Silver City was that the Water Valley this woman wanted was in Texas.
  I knew about Water Valley, Texas because of a story Ed told often. When stationed in the Army in Colorado Springs, he had to drive a huge truck to another post and it required going through Water Valley, Texas. Ed’s story went that his truck was bigger than the town. He said the town was built on a square and he had to maneuver that monster around that square. His reason was that he made it and did not damage a building. Ed was a great driver—and probably a better story teller.
  I’ve seen very few lizards at my house this year—none inside. However, at Mom’s they are becoming very plentiful. They’re on the carport in droves and at the front door I’ve seen several tiny ones. Still have not seen one in her house. However as Jimmie and I were rearranging the furniture Friday we found a frog that had been there for a long time—he was completely petrified. Frogs and I get along just fine, so had I found it I’d have just picked it up and taken it back outside.
  Another lizard crossed my path last Wednesday night. As I was entering the church for prayer meeting a tiny one was trying to go in also. I got real brave and shooed it away with my foot.  Barbara Warren, already inside, was just laughing. She said I saw it as I entered, but left it there—knew you’d enjoy visiting with it.
  Steve Ford dropped in for a visit last Thursday. He says, “I’ve heard from about half-dozen folks that you need to see me. Don’t you know I have a phone and you have my number.”  Well, I don’t need a phone, I have a column. Told him what I wanted and he agreed that it was probably possible.
  He came by Moms Saturday, checked out the construction project and we believe it’s doable.  When he arrived he came in and met Mom. She says, “I’ve met you before.” I corrected her, telling her that it was Steve’s uncle, Melvin, she’d met. Mom says, “Well, he was nice and I liked him and so I’m sure I will like you.” Mom never met anyone she didn’t like, especially if they’ll talk to her and Steve did. She was really perky while he was there–think I just might need to hire him as a Mama sitter.
  As Steve was leaving he asked Mom if I needed a whipping and she says, “Yes.” He says, “Well I’ll hold her and you can hit her.” Mom wanted to do a good job so she suggested that he hold me and she’d hit me on one side, while he hit me on the other. Now I was in trouble until Steve told her he’d only do the holding that she was the Mama and she’d have do do all the whipping. They did have a great laugh.
  As he was going out the door Mom says, “Do come back to see me.” Steve told she’d being seeing a lot of him for the next few weeks and she wanted to know why. Steve then told her he was going to build her a new bathroom and she exclaimed, “Well I sure need one, so get on with it!”
  Lost another Sunday school class member over the weekend. Claudene Sartain Lenti, who had fought a long health battle, died last Friday. She was a dear sweet person and we will all miss her so much. Even through all her illnesses she always had that sweet smile. Sympathy is extended to the Sartain, Hollowell, and Lenti families.
  Another Woodland Hills member lost her grandmother. Angela Pilcher’s grandmother, Billie Denley, whom many of you know, died last week. Sympathy is extended to Angela and the rest of Mrs. Denley’s family.
  Even the night games are hot. WV defeated Calhoun City last Friday night and will meet their other Calhoun County rival, Bruce, this Friday night.
    Of grave concern at the Herald office this week has been the lack of air conditioning. Jack arrived Mon-day morning and found the air not working. Repairman was called but as of Tuesday morning has still not made it to us. Seems that there are lots of units on the blink—these extremely hot temps takes their toll on ACs
  Folks were so concerned about us though, most wanting to bring us fans, ice, kiddie pools, window ACs, that could we could put in doors, with buckets to catch the drips, swim suits and lots of other heat battling devices.         Just about everyone I waited on Monday offered to run home and get me a fan. I do appreciate all the offers of help. Our repairman is supposed to be here by noon Tuesday, so I think we’ll make it.

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