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Tittle Tales

Fall Activities Fuel Excitement After Hot Summer

By Amy Tittle

I hope everyone has found themselves well and thriving as we enter the first month of fall. My family and I are definitely ready to experience a fall in north Mississippi after being introduced to this summer heat. The heat here is very different from Jacksonville, Fla. where it is not so humid and we normally  have a sea breeze.
But, the beautiful views I see daily while driving down one of the back county roads surrounding this area somehow make up for the elements at the moment. I have taken advantage of the recent cool mornings and evenings relaxing on my front porch swing. It has really been a nice break from the heat during the day.
We are all gearing up for the fall, football games, more family visits and birthdays at our house these days. We are proud to say we are Water Valley Blue Devil fans and we are, of course, rooting for Ole Miss. The kids are excited about going to watch the Blue devils play and cheering them on while double fisting popcorn and hotdogs.
Fall is one of my most favorite seasons of the year, not just because its pleasant outside or football or even because I have a great excuse to make my favorite dessert, pumpkin pie twice a week.
It’s because it means holidays are around the corner and I will see our family from Florida very soon. Matt and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year for my family and I am beyond excited to try some new turkey frying recipes. Hopefully I won’t burn it! I am also very anxious to see the luscious fall vegetables all the local farmers will have this season to purchase so I can use them with our Thanksgiving meal.
We just celebrated Matt’s birthday right before labor day and our oldest son will turn 11 on the 20th of this month. So the birthday party and cake won’t stop for another couple weeks at the Tittle house.
My oldest son has already requested a trip to Memphis to visit the Bass Pro fly fishing shop to see what he can find to add to his tackle box. His love for fishing grows by leaps and bounds daily–whether it is trying to rig and catch the biggest crappie or channel cat to learning to use a fly rod for trout.
The birthday cakes this month have been homemade. Matt’s was a large white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie cake and my oldest son has asked for a dirt cake. These should wrap up my baking birthdays cakes until November. All three of my children so lovingly just informed me of their ideas of this year’s Halloween costumes, so this should keep me busy for a couple of weeks. Oh Boy! Gotta love the fall season.
So whether its football games, family visits, harvesting vegetables, baking birthdays cakes, bailing hay, fall festivals, planting a fall garden, visiting pumpkin patches, making Halloween costumes, horseback riding (my personal favorite) or whatever it may be you do, I hope you enjoy this fall season.
Happy fall, y’all!

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