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Art Talk

By Andi Bedsworth

Fall is officially here and that means it is time for the 5th annual Water Valley Studio Crawl on Saturday Sept. 21, from 5:30 to 9 p.m. This year’s Crawl will feature music as well as art and is suitable for families, singles and anyone who enjoys live music and art.
If you have never been to the crawl, you need to know that there are many homes open to the public making it a very unique experience. Not only are you getting to see three galleries on the crawl, all located on Main Street, but you are also getting to go into artists’ homes to see how they live and work.
J. Clayton’s  Eclectic Arts, Yalo Studio and Bozarts Gallery are the galleries showing new work, and you can stop by Bozarts or Yalo for a crawl map. I would stop by both as there are excellent exhibits at each. Bozarts is proud of their current show, New Fired Art, and they should be, as the space is packed with pottery from well-known Mississippi potters. There are pieces by Ashley Chavis, Obie Clark, the late Rachel Ballentine, Hanne Gaycken, Sheri Mar-shall, Pablo Sierra, Keith Stewart, Jennifer Pace, and Robert Montgomery Holle-man. This show done in conjunction with a show at the University Museum, Recollecting: 1980-2012 Works by Ron Dale.  
The show at Yalo Studio is also connected to the university as the featured artist, Brooke White, teaches in the art department at the University. Her photography show, Due South/ True North, features landscape photographs in the space.
The crawl has continued to grow over the years and now has 15 stops with 8 of the stops being new to the crawl this year. The Water Valley Arts Council is proud to put on this fun event, and invites you all to  come out to the Valley this weekend.

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