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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Have stacked up several notes from subscribers that I’ve not had room to include over the past several weeks.
  First is from Frances Gandy of Memphis who writes: “I still enjoy the Herald, but there are so many new names and faces added since we were there. You and the staff do a great job!” It was good to hear from you, Frances, and thanks for the encouragement.
  From Jo Edwards Alex-ander of Portageville, Missouri comes: “Betty, you will be interested to know that people who had never heard of W.V. until they ran into me will come into my house and sit and read the North Mississippi Herald. I miss all our friends—still!, wishing you the best.” Thanks for the note Jo—I also miss seeing you and Fred. With Ludie and your Mom gone, our paths don’t cross very often.
  Mrs. Lula Beth Porter of Coffeeville writes: “I look forward to Thursday. I enjoy the Herald.”
  David Sullivan of Water Valley writes: “I enjoy the Herald every week. Here is my check for another year. ‘God bless’ you all for the good work you do for Yalobusha County.”
  Marvel Surrette of Bolivar, Missouri writes: “Betty, thanks for the subscription reminder. I always read your article and Charles Cooper’s—he was a classmate of mine in elementary and early high school at Camp Ground. Also, enjoy keeping up with what’s going on in Water Valley. Hope your Mom will continue to improve.” Marvel was married to the late Rev. G. H. Surrette for many years—know she misses him, as do all of  his family and friends here. Thanks for writing.
  Earl Babb of Bruce writes: “I enjoy reading the Herald very much.” Earl, Ed and I were all at Northwest Junior College together way back in the mid-50s. Always enjoy hearing from him.
  News came Sunday morning of the death of Roland Buppert. Linda Gholson called to tell me that he had passed away peacefully in his sleep. Several times Mr. Roland and I discussed death and we both agreed that if God was good to us that would be the way He’d take us home. Mr. Roland got his prayers answered—hope I do.
  For years he wrote the Bethel News of the Herald and did an excellent job for us. I always enjoyed his visits on Monday morning as he brought in the column. He was so kind in telling me that I was the best editor he’s every had, even brought me a proclamation once attesting to this. Several years he brought me Valentine candy and other little things that He knew I’d enjoy. He was a dear, sweet, caring friend.
  Mr. Roland was an avid walker and often walked from his home to Water Valley—a long way—and with serious arthritis problems. If the weather was bad, he’d usually let Ed take him home, but if it was a pretty day he’d say, “Thanks, Ed, but I need the exercise.” I guess that exercise was what kept him in such good shape.
  Talking to Linda, we were discussing his joy at being in heaven. She says, “I’m sure he and Wade Doolin are up there just having a great time.” Wade was another avid walker and they’re probably walking all over heaven.
  Sympathy is extended to his son, Bill, and Mr. Roland’s entire family. We’ll all miss him so much.
  Another obit included in this week’s paper is for Mrs. Dorothy Beeler. For many years as Ed and I were eating in Oxford on Friday or Saturday, we’d run into Rev. and Mrs. Beeler and join them at their table. They were such a delightful couple with so many exciting stories of their lives to share. Sympathy is extended to her children, grands, and entire family.
  Brother-in-law Bill always wants to know what I’ve cooked chocolate when we gather to eat. Thursday, I whipped up a chocolate pie just before I left for Mom’s. It was still hot when I hit the road and I really thought it was going  to have to be eaten with a spoon. Think we were having a brown out because the crust took almost an hour to cook and I stirred the custard until I thought my arm was going to fall off. Meringue also took much too long to brown.
  Well, when I arrived, Bill was not at the table—work schedule had kept him away. Sent the pie on to him and Jimmie reported that it was fine after being refrigerated for a few hours.
  Since I’d cooked chocolate for Bill, I spent Friday baking everyone else’s favorites. Did a Boston cream pie for Don, caramel cake for Ginny,  butterscotch pie for Rance, and a fresh apple cake for me—Bo, Carolyn, Jimmie, and Mom just had to share whatever they could get.
  Don brought Mom and me lunch on Friday and we had a great visit.
  Jimmie and I are in the process of cleaning out Mom’s closet, dresser, and chest. We have to make room for Steve Ford to maneuver in her room, in order to add on the bath. We packed several boxes for Goodwill and have tons more to go. She had enough robes and summer housecoats for a couple of counties. Also a closet full of clothes—some of which I’ve taken. I’ve gotten small enough to reclaim some clothes I gave Mom many years ago when I out grew them. Some of them look really great—my taste was either better then or you could find prettier clothes.
  Over the weekend Brothers Bo and Rance came over and cut the grass around my front door. They didn’t want a big snake to get me.
  I laughed at this, but Jimmie says, “Don’t laugh, we’ve killed four on our carport and two of them were copperheads.” So far this year, I’ve not seen a snake, but really expected to have one on the walk Sunday night when I arrived home.
  The Blue Devils continue there winning streak, defeating the Bruce Trojans Friday night. Always enjoyed going to Bruce for a game—got to eat at the Sawmill. Haven’t been to Bruce in so long—don’t even know if the restaurant is still open.
  This week the Devils will be back at home and will meet longtime rival Senatobia. Get out and cheer for them.

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