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Tittle Tales

Three ‘Boo-Boos’Put Tittle Team On Injured List

By Amy Tittle

My week started out with a wasp sting on my daughter’s eyebrow, evolved into a smashed finger and a skinned knee by my youngest son that graduating into several calls to my doctor friend in Jacksonville proceeding with Motrin and icepacks.
On Monday my family and I were looking at a house we are hoping to move in to soon. My daughter and I decided to go around and take look at the front porch and see if we would have room to hang a swing. As we looked up at the porch ceiling we noticed several wasps nest and knew it was time to leave the area.
Before we knew it, a giant wasp flew into her face and stung her right in the eyebrow leaving her with a huge red sting in the middle of her eyebrow and a very watery, lazy eye. After the panicking and screaming by my daughter was over, we hurried home and applied ice, administered Advil and baking soda paste to the sting.
Within a few hours my sweet little girl’s eye was swollen shut; apparently stings to the face take longer to lose swelling. She has never been stung by anything before so I was watching to make sure she had no reactions. Luckily, she did not react and I was able to remove the stinger the next day. She looked liked a different kid for about two days, because of the swollen eyelid.
Finally by Thursday, (aka dance class day) she woke up with a normal size eye. She was very much relieved to wake up Thursday morning and see the puffiness gone and normal looking size eyelids.
By the time she was completely healed and some what back to normal, that same afternoon my youngest son smashed his finger in a gate trying to close it. Yes, blood and screams were involved, as well as big alligator tears. I quickly drove back to my house where I applied ice, administered Advil, and of course popsicles or some type of chocolate to help dull the pain. By the next morning thankfully he seemed on the mend.
Not even 24 hours later he was running in my front yard playing football with his siblings and fell on the walkway and scrapped up his knee badly.
Of course, tears, crying, blood Advil, popsicles, some type of candy and band aids were all involved. Normally my littlest man is tough when he falls and scrapes his knee, but in the rare cases, the bad ones really do a number on him as any typical four year old. So for the really bad falls, that keep him down longer than a few minutes and because of the newly fresh smashed finger incident, I doctored him up with the routine meds and candies to help the boo boos feel better.
I’m hoping we can be accident-free for just a couple weeks, (at least to have time to restock Advil, band aids, candy and popsicles).
Fingers crossed!

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