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Tittle Tales

Cooking, Dancing And Hunting On Tap For Fall

By Amy Tittle

I watched my eight-year-old daughter line all four of our adorable little puppies up on our front steps, and very tediously try to show them what she learned this week at dance class. They were not all too impressed with her careful and graceful ballet and jazz moves. Instead, our cat grabbed their attention while she was trying to use them as her audience.
I laughed while sitting and watching her from my favorite spot, the front porch swing. I told her as talented and entertaining as her dancing was, puppies have too much energy to just sit and watch, so she decided to go see if she would have better luck with the baby goats.
Not sure how that turned out because I had to go inside and tend to my potato soup simmering on the stove, it’s been so nice outside, I’ve been inspired to cook some homemade soup.
My daughter started dance at Valley Dance Company and has had her dancing switch once again turned on. So she no longer walks or runs, just dances everywhere she goes, literally.
She danced for several years when we lived in Florida and has missed it. It will be exciting to see her have fun and learn with this studio this year. She is extremely excited to be able to take four classes this year and be able to dance with the preteens. She will be able to take ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop (her favorite).
Mrs. April is such a sweet lady and very talented instructor. I couldn’t ask for a better place for my daughter to spend an hour a week dancing, learning and having fun with her friends. It’s nice to see that this town offers very familiar things that our family was used to in the city.
It makes it feel a little more like home.
As for my boys, they will be spending the majority of their extra curricular activities in flag football and 4H with archery, shooting, fishing and anything else involving guns, bows, and hunting.
My youngest boy has already requested a “bear hunt” this year. I tried to explain that there were designated seasons for hunting different game and wasn’t quite sure if there were any bear here to hunt, hopefully coaxing him towards deer or something with smaller teeth.
Although most days I am sure he would love to hunt down and shoot a large bear (in his four year old mind), I told him to think about starting with smaller game and then working his way up in size slowly. Hopefully daddy will soon take the boys hunting for turkey or deer when in season, so he is able to see there is more strategy to it than his imagination lets on.
Then maybe he can get it out of his system and hopefully stop the graphic stories of hunting, shooting and skinning his own bear. Until then, I will continue to encourage him to be careful on his imaginary pre-planned “bear hunts.”
So from cooking up my favorite soup or chili on cool days to watching the newest routine from dance class from my little girl to hopefully hearing some wild hunting stories from my boys (hopefully not including bears), I’m already starting to enjoy the upcoming fall season in the Valley.

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