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Betty’s Week

By Betty Shearer

  Before I begin my weekly report, I’d like to devote a few paragraphs to something of real importance to this community. Last week we had a “Letter to the Editor” from Bobby Cox, Alderman of Ward 1. In it he told of the importance of living in a litter free city. I want to add my two-cents to this plea. When Jim was a senior in high school we went to upper-state Michigan. Spent the night in Traverse City and signs posted on the streets warned that between certain hours streets must be clear of vehicles. Motels, of course, had off-street parking.
    When we arrived late in the afternoon, you could have eaten off the streets and sidewalks—next morning they were spit-shined. This did not change during the two weekends we spent there. This was a thriving little city and I’m sure their cleanliness had something to do with their prosperity.
  We need to have the Valley looking like this—helps to attract industry and citizens. To do so I urge everyone to pick up your street and any other area you happen to be walking through. Also, needed are street captains to recruit volunteers to pick up litter. In the county, pick up litter when you can and most of all, don’t throw any out—keep it in your vehicle until you arrive at a trash can. If you need more information about this project call Bobby Cox at 473-1097, or Vivian Snider at City Hall.
  Last Monday was an unusual start to a week—almost no business. Office traffic was very low, phone hardly rang, and copy to be typeset was almost non-existent. We did not have a single obituary in last week’s paper—one of the few weeks this has happened in my 55 years at the Herald.
  This Monday, however, has made up for the rest we had last week. Phone has been ringing constantly, usually there have been several waiting at the counter for service, and news has  been plentiful, with several obits, which I always regret to see. Even at home, I had phone calls and also more chores to do than usual.
  Tuesday of last week my phone did begin to ring—wasn’t business calls. Brothers Rance and Don called early to wish me a happy birthday—think they just wanted to make sure I’d survived my turn into the fourth quarter of my century in this world.         Told them I’d made it fine and actually felt great. Thanked Don, again, for my birthday fish fry, which we’d enjoyed the previous Thursday night. Had it early because he and Gina (her birthday is this week) were going to Florida on vacation at the end of the week.
    Jim had called on Monday night to wish me a happy birthday, because he was playing on my birthday and said he’d probably not get around to calling. Did get a birthday call from daughter-in-law,  Celeste, though, and it was so good to spend some time talking to her. Usually my visits with Celeste are her talking through Jim. In addition to a sweet birthday day wish, she gave me some great news. She and Jim will be here for the Christmas holidays. It’s been a long time since they’ve been able to do this and I’m looking forward to seeing them, especially her. With our care of Mom, Jimmie and I have not been able to go to New Mexico and Celeste has not been able to get here.
    Jim comes in January after she’s gone back to school and in May before she gets out of school—that’s a problem when one member of the family is a middle school band director and the other is a university professor and playing musician. Well Jim’s coming early this year—giving up some of his holiday playing. Celeste also plays a lot and she’ll probably have to forego some of her playing jobs—they really do love me to do this. Following Celeste, Betty Davis called. She and I both have September birthdays—but I’m ten up on her.
  Long-time friend and a fellow member of Woodland Hills Church, Travis York, came in Thursday to tell me of his association with Dr. Mac Nichols, co-owner of Yalobusha Brewery.
    Travis is an x-ray tech in the emergency room at BMH in Oxford. Knew Dr. Nichols was a M.D., but did not know he worked the emergency room there. Travis reports that he’s a super nice guy and one I should get to know. I’m looking forward to this. Report from the other half of this partnership, Andy O’Bryan, is that the brewery will be in operation in the near future.
    A ribbon cutting was held Tuesday morning. I thought the gentleman eating lunch with Andy at B.T.C. might be Dr. Nichols, but didn’t venture a guess—he looked way to young to be a doctor. Back at the office, I described him to David and he was almost certain that I’d missed a chance to meet Dr. Nichols.         Travis gave me his phone number, but I hesitate  calling an emergency room doctor—he might be in the middle of a life-saving procedure. I’m sure in a place as small as the Valley our paths will cross again or maybe he’ll call or come by—I’m never involved in anything that can’t be interrupted.
  Got a lot of feed-back on the two former Vallians I mentioned in last week’s column.
  Several folks stopped me on the street, came in, or talked to me at church about Marsha Catchings Harding. Classmates, former neighbors and friends were to glad to hear from her. They all expressed excitement about her possible return to the Valley. I should have made notes on who I talked to Marsha, so I could have given you names. It was good to hear from you though and I, along with the others, look forward to seeing you.
  Heard from even more of Dr. Michael Rhyne’s (he hasn’t been gone as long) classmates, friends and neighbors. Asked Jim if he remembered Michael and he says, “Yes, I met him a couple of times when he was at the office for lessons with Dad. I didn’t really know him—you forget how old I am.”
  One that surprised me, and she shouldn’t have, who knew Michael was fellow member of the Adult I SS class at Woodland Hills. Mrs. Evelyn Thomas, a native of Houston, came to the Valley to be near Son Jamie and his wife, Barbara, a few years ago is a dental patient of Dr. Rhyne. She says that she and Michael will have a good visit next time she’s in his office. Oh, I do hope they talk about my good qualities and ignore the bad ones. I do love both of these folks.
  My weekend was cooking, eating and cleaning—as usual. Finally got around to using a few of the abundant pear crop. Made a pear cobbler, which was great, and with the surplus pears I’d peeled made a pint of preserves. Think they were the best I’ve ever made. Pears are delicious this year.
  We did have lots of rain on Friday and Friday night, so it was an inside day of watching TV and reading a good book. Barbara Warren had loaned me her copy of “Heaven is for Kids” and I highly recommend it.
  It’s always exciting to get to church on Sunday morning and get my prediction of a Blue Devils win confirmed. They beat Winona Friday night, big time. Congratulations!

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