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Tittle Tales

Parents’ Visit Brings Halloween Fun To Town

By Amy Tittle

My mom came to visit this past week and brought along with her lots of Halloween fall treats, pumpkins and goodies to lavish on us and the kids. We had a great time visiting and catching up, decorating and cooking. She and my dad love visiting this town and enjoy the scenery, restaurants and shops.
This time I had the chance to take my mom to the Amish farms in Randolph. As always, it was an eventful day. She bought some of their tasty homemade jellies and candies. She also found a beautiful handmade mud rug to use in her house in Florida. My kids were so excited to be able to show her all of their favorite things about the farms.
Along with playing with the kids, arranging pumpkins on my front porch, and skimming through thousands of cookbooks, she made us several incredible meals through out the week. She and my daughter baked cookies, mini pumpkin mousse pies and pumpkin dip. Needless to say right now we have an endless supply of pumpkin desserts and I’m relishing every minute.
I’m incredibly thankful for a mother who visits and wants to cook and bake and enjoys doing it for my family. All of the cookbooks she brought along with her have inspired me to try a few new recipes for fall and winter, I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. She was able to eat lunch at some of her favorite spots here in town and enjoyed their new menus as well as trying a few new places along Main Street.
She accompanied me and the kids on some of our normal routine errands, which included our trips to the feed stores for goat and chicken feed, visiting the horses, and stopping by the vet for flea and worm meds.
My daughter and I had our hair done this week at Hair Trendz on Main Street and we were impressed by not only the talent of the stylist but also how beautiful the salon is inside and out. After our salon trip we took my mom over to Doris’ Flower and Gifts to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. Then we dropped by the Velvet Glove and J’s on Main to check out the seasonal eye candy. She loved all of it and we agreed how all of these spots along Main Street are a huge asset to this beautiful town.
She had the chance to meet most of the people I am acquainted with here in the valley and was delighted to meet them all. She was able to take my daughter to dance class last Thursday and meet some of her friends in her class and her instructor, April Pullen.
After she dropped off “Princess” to dance, she took the boys over to Turnage Drug Store for purple cows, then to the park to ride their scooter and bikes.         After dance class was over, they all went down to the BTC to pick out more pumpkins to carve and paint, so we will have quite the selection of faces on all of our carved pumpkins this year.
My mom and dad will both be coming back for Halloween and my youngest son’s birthday on November 1. They are eager to experience a Water Valley style Halloween that is sure to entail costumes while being shadowed by an endless supply of candy.
After a very pleasant visit, she will be returning  to Florida early this week. I never like to say goodbye or see my family leave. But, I know Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and they are already fired up to return to celebrate with us here in Water Valley.

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