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Letter To The Editor – Oct 24, 2013

Lions Thank Public For Supporting White Cane Days Roadblock

For Lions around the world October is White Cane Days. The Water Valley Lions Club wants to thank you for your generous support as we conducted our Oct. 4 White Cane Days Roadblock.  
In hard times like this it is encouraging to know that people care about the needs of others. Your support will let us continue to help residents of the local area with sight and hearing problems. It also lets us support other Lions projects in Mississippi and internationally that in turn benefit us when we have needs.  
For instance, your local Lions Club contributes (from other projects) to the Lions Club International Foundation (LCIF).  Some may say, “Lets keep our money at home.” The fact is that LCIF has poured more money into Mississippi in response to disasters than all the money Mississippi clubs have ever contributed to LCIF.  This happened after Hurricane Katrina and others.  Also funds came in after tornadoes hit Smithville, and yes, even Water Valley. The day after our 1984 tornado LCIF made $10,000 available to help us here.
Again we appreciate your generosity and want you to know we are ready to help in times of need.  

Barron Caulfield
Water Valley Lions Club

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