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Tittle Tales

Hope For The Future Served With Good Eats

By Amy Tittle

With the past week’s weather dropping very low in the evening and night, it has been a little harder to retreat to my favorite spot–my front porch swing. So with that being said I have recently discovered a new found delightful, regular escape not to far from home.
Even though I have really enjoyed being outside in the cooler weather here, lately I have found myself looking forward to my frequent trips to Main Attraction Coffee Shop. This sandwich and coffee shop starts out attractive from the beautifully restored store front to its high tech tanning beds.
It packs a punch of exquisite taste on their daily breakfast, lunch and coffee menu. The moment you walk through the door of this establishment you are greeted with a warm environment, friendly smiles from the incredible staff that are happy to greet you and a gorgeous view from the original brick interior walls to the beautiful furniture and decor in this cafe.
I’ll admit being a former Starbucks addict to moving to where there wasn’t one was a little hard at first, so discovering the Frappe menu in this store made this girl very happy, happy, happy! They also uniquely offer a variety of hot soups all week long, which is a great option for lunch on cold fall and winter days. I highly recommend Main Attraction coffee and sandwich shop the next time you want an incredible breakfast, lunch or just to sit back on the couch and have a cup of coffee while watching the news and, of course, the luxurious tanning salon.
This past week I also had the honor and privilege to visit our town’s new bakery, Le’ Mojos, and I am not only sensationally dazzled with taste and quality but the genuine friendly and caring service. During my visit there I learned they offer beautiful specialty cakes, delicious cupcakes, cookies, and many other mouth watering treats. For a surprise treat, I chose a few cupcakes to take home to my family from my new sweet spot. My family and I sampled their strawberry cupcake topped with vanilla butter cream icing and the seasonal caramel apple cupcake crowned with icing and caramel, and a chocolate cupcake adorned with peanut butter icing.
I am positive when I say I heard absolutely no complaints during or after our samples of the cupcakes. We are looking forward to our very soon next trip to Le’ Mojos. After tasting the delectable cupcakes, the next birthday in our house may very well include a cake from our new hometown bakery.  
I have to say coming from a big urban city where there are cupcake shops, specialty cake shops and bakeries on almost every corner it is exciting to have a specialty bakery/cupcake shop here in Water Valley that not only can beat the taste but also the prices from back home. It’s truly inspiring to be able to witness families, native or not, establishing and serving this town. It revives and highlights the distinct southern charm of Water Valley.
The two establishments I have mentioned above are just a few of the wonderful places here in the Valley. They are all important assets to this thriving community while they have helped in creating job opportunities to serving by offering the locals and visitors the Valley’s finest top notch taste of good eats, treats and southern hospitality. I’m anticipating the growth Water Valley will eagerly have the rest of this year into next year while my family and I observe and enthusiastically support every step along the way.

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