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Tittle Tales

Halloween And Turning Five, Batman Style

By Amy Tittle

This past Thursday my family and I accompanied my three kids in the festivities of Halloween by eagerly skipping from door to door to collect candy surprises. Yes! We dressed up as the Justice league and had a blast zipping up and down the street. After not being certain that we would be spared getting drenched while in our costumes, it was a huge relief when the rain stopped. Most of the water dried up and we ended up enjoying one of the most delightful evenings full of laughter and great memories.
While monitoring my three super heroes on the volume of sugary treasures they stored in their candy buckets, I was able to see some great costumes worn by the town folk who were handing out candy and hosting parties. My favorite costume I saw this year was a couple dressed up as Kudzu vine. The detail they had from head to toe was impressive. It was creative, original and very fitting for this area.
I have to say the Tittle family had a fantastic, fun, candy-filled first Hallo-ween Valley style and looking forward to  many more. It was heart warming to see and hear all the people of the community supporting the kids by handing out treats and goodies.
After packing the costumes away and putting away the Halloween candy, it was time to start decorating for my youngest son’s birthday. He is a huge Batman fan and had requested a Batman themed birthday to celebrate turning five. So, my husband and I quickly began our decorating on Saturday morning. We made our very own bat cave and Joker funhouse. We tried our best to create something he would hopefully enjoy on his special day. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful so we were able to have a Joker funhouse (bounce house) out in the front yard.
My dining room was transformed for several hours into a bat cave,  using several paper cut out bats, Batman symbols and black and yellow balloons. My husband and I had our parents here along with a few of our local friends who came with their sweet children to help celebrate my little guy’s birthday.
He was so very excited from all of the Batman themed food, getting to drink his fill of “Joker Punch” and eating Mr. Freeze ice cream cones. He polished off his unforgettable day ripping into gifts from friends and family.
After heating up some fresh, tasty apple cider one of our friends so thoughtfully brought, we all had ourselves a hot cup and enjoyed the fellowship. It was a great birthday and I am so thankful for the wonderful memories we are able to make here in the Valley with friends and family.

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